2009-07-22 Jon Nordbyfixed code duplication and some minor cosmetical changes v0.7.1
2009-07-22 Martin Renoldrelease preparations, changelog
2009-07-22 Martin RenoldEnable maximum GTK display dithering
2009-07-22 Martin RenoldReset mirror view when loading
2009-07-22 Martin Renoldadd g++ to the dependencies
2009-07-22 Martin Renoldprint correct prefix on installation problems
2009-07-22 Martin Renold[mapping] fix interpolation special cases
2009-07-22 Martin Renoldsmall OpenRaster format updates
2009-07-22 Martin Renold[settings window] label consistency
2009-07-22 Jon Nordbyadded myself to the contributors list
2009-07-22 Jon Nordbydisplay name of file being edited in the draw window...
2009-07-22 Martin Renoldopen file:/// urls on commandline
2009-07-22 Martin Renoldgitify the release process
2009-07-22 Martin Renoldmore gitignore
2009-07-22 Martin Renold.gitignore
2009-07-22 Martin Renoldzoom/rotate on scroll events, instead of scrolling
2009-07-22 Marcelo "Tanda... Splatter and marker brushes.
2009-07-22 Martin Renoldremove unmaintained autoconf files
2009-07-21 Martin RenoldFix far-off dabs seen on Windows with some brushes
2009-07-21 Martin Renoldwin32: fix bug when overwriting .ora files
2009-07-20 Martin RenoldPortability: use rand() instead of random()
2009-07-20 Martin Renoldlimit cursor size to what the display says
2009-06-06 Martin Renoldfix a (harmless) exception that happens when I press... v0.7.0
2009-06-06 Martin Renoldremoving unmaintained PLAN
2009-06-06 Martin Renolddo not drop all new brushes to the bottom for users...
2009-06-06 Martin Renoldrelease script updated
2009-06-06 Martin Renolduse simple ink as default brush
2009-06-06 Martin Renoldadd keybindings for "quit" and "delete layer"
2009-06-06 Martin Renoldbrush collection work
2009-06-06 Martin Renoldfinetuned pressure response of solid_water brush
2009-06-06 Martin Renoldbugfix when redoing MergeLayer after the AddLayer was...
2009-06-06 Martin Renoldgo back to plain white as default background
2009-06-06 Martin Renoldupdate the display after undo/redoing a layer deletion
2009-06-04 Martin Renold[keyboard] migrate more hardcoded keys into the new...
2009-06-04 Martin Renold[keyboard] add support for hardcoded keys
2009-06-04 Martin Renold[mapping] allow points at the same x value (fixes bug...
2009-06-04 Martin Renoldrelease preparations
2009-06-04 Martin Renold[mapping] simplify linear interpolation formula
2009-06-04 Martin RenoldReplace assertion on pressure with a CLAMP.
2009-06-04 Martin Renoldrequire only SCons 1.0
2009-06-04 Martin RenoldAdd less color noise when dithering.
2009-06-04 Martin Renoldremove default keybindings for rotation, since they...
2009-06-04 Martin Renoldfix obsolete setting names
2009-06-03 Martin Renoldsome "water color"-like brushes
2009-06-02 Martin Renoldsome more grass brushes
2009-06-02 Martin Renold[elliptical dabs] stroke direction filtering, with...
2009-06-02 Martin Renold[elliptical dabs] change angle definition from 0-360...
2009-06-01 Martin Renoldreport nicer error with outdated SCons version
2009-05-31 Martin Renoldadding eraser brush
2009-05-31 Martin Renoldremoved some brushes similar to the new pencil ones
2009-05-31 Martin RenoldFixed a rendering glitch with layer solo and solid...
2009-05-31 Martin Renolduse a pattern as default background
2009-05-30 Martin Renold[brush settings] "filter" is probably better understood...
2009-05-28 Martin Renoldmove lowlevel pixel code into pixops.hpp
2009-05-28 Martin Renoldmore rounding, reduces load->save error
2009-05-28 Martin Renoldspeedup pixel conversion (testcase: openraster loading...
2009-05-28 Martin Renolddebug print save/load ora timings; other minor changes
2009-05-27 Martin Renoldadd thumbnail images when saving OpenRaster
2009-05-27 Martin Renold[save dialog] show ora first
2009-05-26 Martin Renoldremove leftover import statement
2009-05-26 Martin Renoldadd option to save PNG with transparency (bug #13554)
2009-05-26 Martin Renold[save dialog] remember last filename and filter, reset...
2009-05-26 Martin Renoldsave dialog code improved; default format is now OpenRa...
2009-05-26 Martin Renoldremoving dead code
2009-05-25 Martin Renold[save/load] Moved dithering implementation from python...
2009-05-25 Martin RenoldMore rounding/dithering tricks.
2009-05-24 Martin Renolddithering again, this time with correct math...
2009-05-24 Martin Renold[save layer] do dithering instead of rounding
2009-05-24 Martin RenoldFix rounding bug that was causing PNG files getting...
2009-05-24 Martin Renoldunittest to reproduce an existing problem with ORA...
2009-05-24 Martin Renoldignore extra double-click events (fixes using colorhist...
2009-05-24 Martin Renoldreworked "save scrap" slightly:
2009-05-24 Martin Renoldmove color changing into color menu
2009-05-24 Martin Renoldremoving some unmaintained scripts
2009-05-23 Martin RenoldSet PNG compression level to 2. Results with big test...
2009-05-23 Martin Renoldmore tolerant search for python*-config; comment cleanups
2009-05-23 Martin Renoldfix keybindings that use shift (eg. Save As...)
2009-05-21 Martin Renoldcleanup stray code for managing default background
2009-05-21 Martin Renoldcredit update
2009-05-21 Martin Renolddialog window on exceptions, instead of only printing...
2009-05-21 Martin Renoldhome key now toggles layer solo mode
2009-05-21 Martin RenoldNew background patterns and brushes by Tanda. Thanks...
2009-05-18 Martin Renoldadd a little distance between the colors
2009-05-14 Martin RenoldReverting r306
2009-05-12 Martin Renolddisable annoying debug print
2009-05-12 Martin Renoldreplace python's colorsys hsv/rgb conversions with...
2009-05-09 Martin Renolduse "z" and "y" for undo/redo, and hardwire ctrl-z...
2009-05-09 Martin Renoldsave the window size only non-fullscreen
2009-05-09 Martin RenoldRemove utility hint (for WM) again. It adds additional...
2009-05-08 Martin Renoldfixed outdated addresses in COPYING
2009-05-03 Martin Renoldbugfix: seting global pressure curve back to normal...
2009-05-03 Martin Renoldfinetuning stroke splitting (for undo) once more
2009-05-03 Martin Renoldcolor history popup: smaller
2009-05-03 Martin Renoldnew brush: "subtle pencil" using filtered pressure...
2009-05-01 Martin Renold[color history popup] nicer shape and placement
2009-04-26 Martin Renoldmodule dependency drawing (also in the wiki now)
2009-04-22 Martin Renoldmake the color history popup slightly more usable
2009-04-22 Martin Renoldcolor changer (hotkey v) now also picks the color on...
2009-04-20 Martin Renoldcolor history popup (unpolished, but works)
2009-04-16 Martin Renolddo not add an empty layer after loading an OpenRaster...