2010-07-16 Martin Renoldfix attempt for touchpads without pressure data
2010-07-13 Martin Renoldcanvas: pixelize at zoomlevel > 1.5
2010-07-05 Martin Renoldrevert scrolling speed back to 1:1
2010-06-27 David Revoyupdate David Revoy's brush set to V3
2010-06-27 Martin Renoldbrushes: allow subdirectories in the collection
2010-06-27 Martin Renoldexception dialog: bigger text area
2010-06-27 Martin Renoldcommandline switch for tracing python code
2010-06-24 Martin Renoldreduce scrolling speed
2010-06-24 Martin Renoldspeed up zoom/rotation 3x on some hardware
2010-06-22 Martin Renoldfix slow zoom-out on some hardware
2010-06-20 Jon Nordbycolorsampler: fix initial color bug
2010-06-20 Jon NordbyMove pick_color_at_pointer to Application
2010-06-20 Jon Nordbyexception dialog: Move details to expander
2010-06-20 Martin Renoldkeyboard: fix Ctrl-Shift-S while CapsLock is active
2010-06-20 Jon NordbyFix saving of context brush
2010-06-20 Martin Renoldfix unwanted lines on fast ctrl-click colorpicking
2010-06-16 Martin Renoldtesting: add memory_after_startup
2010-06-16 Jon Nordbybrushmanager: ManagedBrush no longer a lib.Brush
2010-06-16 Jon Nordbypreferences: move logic to Application
2010-06-16 Jon NordbyInit of brush_adjustment moved to Application
2010-06-15 Jon Nordbyopen-dialog preview: Don't raise exception on ora files...
2010-06-15 Till HartmannAdded a file-preview widget to the open-dialog.
2010-06-15 Jon NordbyDon't treat caps lock like shift.
2010-06-15 Jon Nordbypreferences: Configurable default save format
2010-06-15 Till Hartmannlayerwin: Add merge down button
2010-06-14 Martin Renoldexception dialog: fix detailed report a bit more
2010-06-14 Martin Renoldexception dialog: fix another screwup case
2010-06-14 Martin Renoldbuild: fix another wrong python-config call
2010-06-13 Martin Renoldbrushlist: use simple click for group solo
2010-06-13 Martin Renoldcommandline switch for logfile
2010-06-13 Martin Renoldfix exception when a brushfile is missing
2010-06-05 Martin Renoldexception dialog: fix for windows
2010-06-05 Martin Renoldfix compilation warning
2010-06-05 Martin Renoldfix exception for infinite pressure
2010-06-04 Till HartmannAdd export option.
2010-06-04 Jon NordbyDon't allow keyboard input for spinboxes.
2010-06-04 Jon Nordbygtkcolorsel: Remove right side of widget
2010-06-04 Jon Nordbysavedialog: Update extension when changing format
2010-06-04 Jon Nordbysavedialog: dedicated widget for selecting format
2010-06-04 Jon Nordbypreferences: Configurable default zoom
2010-06-04 Jon Nordbyscraps: Default prefix to ~/MyPaint/scrap
2010-06-04 Jon Nordbyscraps: Expand ~ for scrap prefix
2010-06-04 Martin Renoldshut up libpng's setjmp warning
2010-06-03 Martin Renoldexception dialog: fix lockup in some cases
2010-06-03 Martin Renoldexception dialog: replace tabs with spaces
2010-06-03 Martin Renoldtesting: fix on 32bit
2010-06-03 Martin Renoldbetter error when json is missing
2010-06-03 Ramón Mirandabrushes: brushset update from Ramón
2010-06-03 Jon Nordbypreferences: Switch to JSON for config persistence
2010-06-03 Charbel Jacquinhelpers: Abstraction wrapper for json load/save.
2010-06-03 Andrzej Giniewiczgui/application: small comment typos
2010-06-02 Martin Renoldfix IOError messages when saving
2010-06-02 Martin Renoldfix unittest
2010-06-02 Martin Renoldspeedup saving PNG/ORA factor two
2010-06-01 Martin Renoldbrushsettings: add plus sign to labels
2010-05-20 Andrzej Giniewiczbrushdialog: Dragging brushes onto group labels
2010-05-20 Andrzej GiniewiczShow old name when renaming layers.
2010-05-17 Alexandre Prokoudinei18n: Russian translation update
2010-05-15 Jon Nordbyfixup: Remove dead code from f8887fb
2010-05-15 Martin Renoldfix background patterns with h>w
2010-05-14 Jon Nordbypreferences: move data/logic out from window
2010-05-14 Jon Nordbypreferences: Split apply_settings()
2010-05-14 Martin Renoldgui: fix F5 hotkey conflict
2010-05-14 Andrzej GiniewiczBrush settings window doesn't respect saved position...
2010-05-14 Ramón Mirandabrushes: brushset update from Ramón
2010-05-14 Martin Renoldvertical mirror added; and rotate around center
2010-05-14 Julian Aloofii18n: German update
2010-05-04 Martin Renoldbrushsettings: simplified version for painting
2010-05-04 Jon NordbyFix undo/redo bug with visibility
2010-05-04 Jon NordbyOpenRaster: don't manipulate layer attributes directly
2010-05-04 Jon NordbyCleaner way to set visibility of the layer.
2010-05-03 Jon NordbyOpenRaster: save/load layer visibility attribute
2010-04-30 Daniel Korostili18n: Ukrainian translation
2010-04-26 Jon Nordbyi18n: Fix bug in string substitution order
2010-04-26 Łukasz Lubojańskii18n: Polish translation
2010-04-24 Jon Nordbygui: Make casing of strings more consistent
2010-04-20 Martin Renoldcontext keys: also restore color
2010-04-18 Jon NordbyOSX: Don't set utility window hinting
2010-04-04 Martin Renoldfix instructions in README.profiling
2010-04-02 Jon NordbyFix for renaming a brush.
2010-04-02 Jon Nordbybrushgroups: Load pixbufs on demand
2010-04-02 Jon Nordbybrush: Parse settings on demand.
2010-04-01 Martin Renoldrotate with ctrl-mmb
2010-04-01 Martin Renoldkeyboard: more default shortcuts (2nd try)
2010-04-01 Jon Nordbygui: Move code from drawwindow into separate file
2010-04-01 Martin RenoldRevert "keyboard: more default shortcuts"
2010-03-30 Martin Renoldkeyboard: more default shortcuts
2010-03-19 Jon Nordbylayerwin: Instructional text on layers without name
2010-03-19 Dong-Jun Wui18n: Traditional Chinese update
2010-03-19 Martin Tabačani18n: Czech update
2010-03-14 Martin Renoldtesting: more refactoring, add gui leak test
2010-03-14 Martin Renoldtesting: refactor gui control code
2010-03-13 Martin Renoldtesting: more robust leak test
2010-03-13 Martin Renoldtesting: move memory leak test into own script
2010-03-13 Martin Renoldfix exception when starting with eraser tip
2010-03-06 Tor Egil Hoftun... i18n: Norwegian Nynorsk translation.
2010-02-28 Martin Renoldversion bump to 0.8.2 and changelog
2010-02-28 Jon NordbyRevert change in handling of visible layers.
2010-02-27 Martin Renoldcomplain about unsupported pygtk version
2010-02-27 Martin Renoldrevert workaround for pygtk 2.14