2014-03-02 Andrew Chadwickframewindow: bugfix frame size edit button
2014-02-27 Andrew Chadwickcombine-mode strings: rework, add coverage tests
2014-02-18 Andrew Chadwicklayer: correct spelling for forced-isolation value
2014-02-14 Andrew Chadwicklayer model: use Compositing-1's. Add mask modes.
2014-02-14 Andrew Chadwicklayerswindow: helpers: consolidate, remove unused
2014-02-14 Andrew Chadwickdrawwindow: fix scratchpad exceptions
2014-02-14 Andrew Chadwickresources: new edit & doc properties icons
2014-02-07 Andrew Chadwicklayers: allow empty layers to be saved
2014-02-07 Andrew ChadwickFile→New: fix exception
2014-02-05 Andrew Chadwickdocument: OpenRaster 0.0.2 conformance
2014-02-05 Andrew Chadwicklayer groups: use symbolic icon
2014-02-04 Andrew ChadwickOpenRaster conformance: nobble some group features
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwickcopy: fix copying of layer groups
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwicklayers window: add context menu
2014-02-04 Andrew ChadwickVarious string and doc fixes
2014-02-04 Andrew ChadwickTrim Layer: convert to path-based API
2014-02-04 Andrew ChadwickNormalize Layer Mode: convert to path-based API
2014-02-04 Andrew ChadwickMerge Down: convert to new path-based API
2014-02-04 Andrew ChadwickSave as PNG: simplify, remove use of merge_into()
2014-02-04 Andrew ChadwickLayer modes: add to the main menu
2014-02-04 Andrew ChadwickNFC: whitespace tweaks/dead code removal/add docs
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwickfill: rework Sample Merged for new layer stack API
2014-02-04 Andrew ChadwickNFC: docs, comments and whitespace
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwickcommand: remove unused code
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwickthumbnailing: allow backgroundless thumbnails
2014-02-04 Andrew ChadwickUpdate some commands to use the path-based API
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwickfilehandling: update layer iteration API
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwicklayer stack: set-opacity fixes
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwicktoolbar style fixes; use inline-toolbar for layers
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwickapp: use a less glaringly white bg by default
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwicklayerswindow: fix exception with anon layers
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwicklib.command: sectionify
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwickgui.document: comment and document all the things
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwickstategroup: derive from object
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwickgui.document: rename some internal methods
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwickgui.document: rename layer above/below
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwicklayer numbering & construction fixes
2014-02-04 Andrew ChadwickLayerStack: add support for saving
2014-02-04 Andrew ChadwickLayerStack: implement blit_tile_into/save_as_png()
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwickpixbufsurface: add exception handling
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwicklayer: NFC: nerf flood-fill base impl. + comments
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwickduplicate layer: extend support to sub-stacks
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwicklayer: bubbling up and down from commands
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwicklayer walking: use postorder traversal for up/down
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwickdoc: fix selection bug
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwicklayer loading: support sub-stacks
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwicklayers window: various look and feel tweaks
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwicklayer root stack canonpath(): fix error reporting
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwicklayer stack move: fix so that it actually works
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwicklayerswindow: use a tree-based view of the stack
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwicklayer: remove debugging statements, equality+truth
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwicklayerswindow: convert to GTK3
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwicklayer: make code clearer
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwicklayers window: fix behavioural regression
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwicklayer stacks: begin implementing & migrating
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwicklayer: refactor: add a largely no-op base class
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwickflood-fill: move implementation to PaintingLayer
2014-02-04 Andrew Chadwickhide-layers-above: remove functionality
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwickstrokemap/layer interaction: better encapsulation
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwicklayer: add some test framework stuff
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwickfill: fix to allow testing tdw interactively again
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwickobservable: removal, iteration, copying
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwickrendering: refactor bg, add isolated render
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwickfilehandling, layer: better fix for loading
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwickcommand: bugfix SelectLayer
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwicklayer: continue refactoring
2014-02-03 Andrew ChadwickVarious doc and comment fixes
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwicklayer: implement copy(), use for Duplicate Layer
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwicklayer: rename/refactor some internal methods
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwickcommand & layer: minor bugfixes
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwicklayers dialog: show icon for layer type
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwicktiledsurface: indent fix
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwicktiledsurface: don't create mipmap list for bg surf
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwicklayers: fillable/paintable capabilities
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwicklayer: formatting bugfix
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwickmodel: distinguish painting-only docs from others
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwickcommand: invoke base class constructor
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwickcommand: use explicit methods for clearing stacks
2014-02-03 Andrew ChadwickNFC: various doc fixes
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwickcommand: improve observer interface for the stack
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwickcommand: new-style classes, break a circular ref
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwickexternal layers: add load from/save to ORA
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwicklayer: add utils for loading from GdkPixbuf files
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwicklayer snapshots and trimming: refactor
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwicklayer ora: load ExternalLayers, allow fail return
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwickmodel: working-doc tempdir, and cleanup at exit
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwicknon-painting layers: fix loading, painting
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwicklayer: move symmetry axis to base class
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwicklayer moves: refactor cleanup(), split+customize
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwickdoc: various NFC changes
2014-02-03 Andrew ChadwickLayer reordering: rename callback
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwicklayers refactor: add BackgroundLayer
2014-02-03 Andrew Chadwicklayers refactor: use separate classes
2014-01-15 Andrew ChadwickUpdate README: librsvg dep.; remove gtk3 notes
2014-01-14 Manuel QuiñonesImprove GEGL example
2014-01-12 Jon Nordbydoc: Update PERFORMANCE with possible GPU-based processing
2014-01-12 Jon Nordbydoc: Update PEFORMANCE with possible mipmapped renderin...
2014-01-05 Andrew Chadwickprefs: UI updates; large toolbar icons by default
2014-01-05 Andrew Chadwickicons: some updates
2014-01-05 Andrew Chadwickresources: replace stock with named symbolic icons