2012-11-25 Martin Renoldbackground: don't fall back to white
2012-11-25 Martin Renoldnew layer merging, convert layer to normal mode
2012-11-25 Martin Renoldpixops: flat2rgba/rgba2flat infrastructure
2012-11-25 Andrew Chadwickhelp menu: translation contexts
2012-11-25 Andrew Chadwickscratch menu: strings review, translation contexts
2012-11-25 Andrew Chadwickcolor menu: strings review, translation contexts
2012-11-25 Andrew Chadwickbrush menu: strings review, translation contexts
2012-11-24 Martin Renoldi18n: let translators write their credits
2012-11-23 Martin Renoldtablet detection: also match substrings
2012-11-23 Andrew ChadwickUI: connect mode flips, fix translation contexts
2012-11-23 Andrew Chadwickcanvasevent: fix docstrings
2012-11-23 Andrew ChadwickView menu: remove ViewHelp message
2012-11-23 Andrew Chadwickmode stack: support contextual pushing, mode flips
2012-11-23 Andrew ChadwickColorize brush mode: move to shift-k
2012-11-23 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Fix build error and assert when building...
2012-11-22 Andrew Chadwickmode actions: more tool-like names; tooltip update
2012-11-22 Andrew Chadwickbuttonmap editor: use human-readable strings
2012-11-22 Andrew Chadwickbuttonmap: generalize finding handler objects
2012-11-22 Andrew Chadwickbuttonmap: no bindings for unmodified Button1
2012-11-22 Andrew Chadwickprefs: list only spring-loaded modes
2012-11-22 Andrew Chadwickdoc: more useful default strings for Undo/Redo
2012-11-22 Andrew Chadwickstategroup: display names for popup states
2012-11-22 Andrew Chadwicklayer-move, linemodes: no-op if layer locked/invis
2012-11-22 Andrew Chadwicktdw: make cursors reflect model state better
2012-11-22 Andrew Chadwickfreehand: set the past painting position properly
2012-11-22 Andrew Chadwickidletask: fix finish_all() data loss; add docs
2012-11-22 Jon NordbyUpdate brushlib/PERFORMANCE
2012-11-22 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Only use multiple threads if tile requests...
2012-11-22 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Actually make the operationqueue resize autom...
2012-11-22 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Pass mandatory args for MyPaintTiledSurface...
2012-11-22 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Precalculate "rr" in render_dab_mask, make...
2012-11-22 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Split out inner-loop calculations in render_d...
2012-11-22 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Minimize scope of variables in render_dab_mask
2012-11-22 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Process get_color in parallel using OpenMP
2012-11-22 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Process tiles mypaint_tiled_surface_end_atomi...
2012-11-22 Jon Nordbybuild: Add option to enable OpenMP based multithreading
2012-11-22 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Fix two memory management errors
2012-11-22 Jon NordbyMake tile store interface in MyPaintTiledSurface concur...
2012-11-22 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Call mypaint_tiled_surface_update_tile()...
2012-11-22 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Prepare the list of dirty tiles in operation_...
2012-11-22 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Let dab mask be on stack instead of static
2012-11-22 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Don't use recursion for symmetry in draw_dab
2012-11-22 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Flush queued draw_dab operations on get_color
2012-11-22 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Move processing from draw_dab to end_atomic
2012-11-22 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Actually implement queueing in OperationQueue
2012-11-22 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Prepare for queued processing of operations
2012-11-22 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Allocate draw_dab operation on heap
2012-11-22 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Make draw_dab an operation that can be stored
2012-11-21 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Update TODO
2012-11-21 Andrew Chadwicktoolbar: some initial rationalization
2012-11-21 Andrew Chadwickicons: revamp and cleanup
2012-11-20 Till Hartmannframe dialog: add unit and dpi selection
2012-11-19 Jon Nordbygegl: Fix crash in due to GTK+2 being...
2012-11-18 Andrew Chadwickcanvasevent: reinstate missing ColorPickerPopup
2012-11-18 Jon Call begin_atomic/end_atomic perio...
2012-11-18 Andrew Chadwickcanvasevent: permit more in move-layer; split hack
2012-11-18 Jon Nordbylib: Add brushlib perf tests for Python-based tile...
2012-11-18 Jon Nordbybrushlib/tests: Test different brush sizes
2012-11-17 Andrew Chadwickpalettes: add tigert's watercolour palette
2012-11-17 Andrew Chadwickmodes: make more of them switchable
2012-11-17 Andrew Chadwickmodes: make more of them switchable
2012-11-17 Andrew ChadwickRemove some debug print cruft
2012-11-17 Andrew Chadwickmodes: begin using fancy cursors
2012-11-17 Andrew Chadwickapplication: add central compositing cursor cache
2012-11-17 Andrew ChadwickLayerMoveMode: fix spacebar drags
2012-11-17 Andrew Chadwickcanvasevent: docstring fixes
2012-11-17 Andrew Chadwickspring-loaded drags: fix spacebar key-up
2012-11-17 Andrew Chadwickcanvasevent: improve flow for spring-loaded modes
2012-11-17 Andrew ChadwickImprove button mapping, spring-loaded modes
2012-11-17 Martin Renoldtablet detection: add aiptek to whitelist
2012-11-16 Martin Renoldi18n: fix build issue
2012-11-16 Martin Renoldworkaround for build problem
2012-11-16 Martin Renoldi18n: make intltool happy
2012-11-14 Martin Renoldi18n: German translation bugfix
2012-11-14 Martin Renoldi18n: fix translation of menu labels
2012-11-14 Andrew Chadwickmypaint.xml: make compat with intltool-extract
2012-11-09 Martin Renoldbugfix: escape key ends fullscreen again
2012-11-09 Andrew ChadwickSetLayerOpacity: don't recalc bbox needlessly
2012-11-09 Andrew Chadwicklayerswindow: reorder controls, better spacing
2012-11-08 Martin Renoldmacos: fix whitespace problem in brushgroup selector
2012-11-07 Andrew Chadwickblend modes: add missing ones, redo as templates
2012-11-03 Andrew ChadwickREADME: update mention need for ldconfig
2012-11-03 Andrew Chadwickbackgrounds: handle loading exceptions better
2012-11-03 Martin Renoldupdate brush download link
2012-11-02 Andrew Chadwickcolor history: fix most-recent adjuster
2012-10-31 Martin Renoldbuild: enable more assertions
2012-10-31 Andrew Chadwicklayer modes: add soft light blend mode
2012-10-31 Andrew Chadwicklayer modes: factor out some fix15 arithmetic
2012-10-31 Martin Renoldupdate default brush
2012-10-31 David Revoybrushes: update Deevad's brushset (set #2)
2012-10-30 Martin Renoldwin32: fix unicode problem
2012-10-29 Andrew Chadwicklayer modes: add hard light blend mode
2012-10-29 Andrew Chadwicklayer modes: add overlay blend mode
2012-10-28 Martin Renoldtablet detection: switch to whitelist
2012-10-27 Martin Renoldgtk2 pressure detection stuff
2012-10-09 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Update TODO
2012-10-09 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Use expf() instead of exp()
2012-10-06 John WatsonFixed color history regression
2012-09-24 Manuel QuiƱonesAdd unity labels to number entries in edit Frame window
2012-09-23 Martin Renoldfix segfault at startup on linux