layer modes: add soft light blend mode
[mypaint:mypaint.git] / lib /
2012-10-31 Andrew Chadwicklayer modes: add soft light blend mode
2012-10-29 Andrew Chadwicklayer modes: add hard light blend mode
2012-10-29 Andrew Chadwicklayer modes: add overlay blend mode
2012-07-26 Andrew Chadwickpixops: add color and luminosity layer blend modes
2012-07-20 Jon NordbyTEMP: various unsorted ports and hacks
2012-06-04 Jon Nordbylib: Only try to use GeglBackedSurface if MYPAINT_ENABL...
2012-06-04 Jon Nordbygegl: Avoid importing pyGTK when using MyPaint+GEGL
2012-06-04 Jon Nordbylib: Allow to enable new GEGL based Surface for MyPaint
2012-06-04 Jon Nordbylib: New Surface C++/Python wrapper for MyPaintGeglTile...
2012-04-07 Andrew Chadwicklcms2: transforms on load; groundwork for save
2012-04-07 Martin Renolddon't crop ORA frame to multiple of 64
2012-04-07 Andrew ChadwickPixbuf-type loader: fix incorrect frame
2012-04-07 Martin Renoldremember precise frame bounds when loading jpeg
2012-03-17 Andrew Chadwickpixops: refactor compositing code: python to C
2012-03-05 Martin Renoldget rid of RGB pixel format, use RGBU instead
2011-12-20 Andrew Chadwicktiledsurface: rm empty tiles only at end
2011-12-20 Richard Jonesmove layer: fix to prevent tiledict overgrowth
2011-12-09 Andrew Chadwicklayer move: strokemap too + cursor & idler tweaks
2011-12-09 Andrew Chadwicklayer move: blank tiles during & after drag
2011-12-09 Andrew Chadwicklayer move: make undoable, distance weighting etc
2011-12-09 Andrew Chadwickmove layer: improved feedback & responsiveness
2011-12-09 Andrew Chadwickmove layer: initial implementation
2011-11-20 Martin Renoldload_ora: add feedback_cb
2011-11-20 Martin Renoldload_ora: load png layers faster, use less memory
2011-10-05 Ariful Bhuiyantileddrawsurface: Fix a wrongly named attribute, mark_m...
2011-10-03 Jon NordbyMove COMPOSITE_OPT definitions to lib/
2011-10-03 Jon NordbyMake TiledSurface an internal member of Layer
2011-09-24 Andrew Chadwicktiledsurface: remove some code duplication
2011-09-24 Andrew Chadwickcomposite ops: fixups and gui stuff
2011-09-24 sigetchlayer compositing: bugfix
2011-09-24 sigetchlayer compositing: svg op naming, rgba-on-rgba
2011-09-24 sigetchlayer composite ops: initial implementation
2011-08-21 Martin Renoldsplit_stroke optimization #2
2011-08-21 Martin Renoldsplit_stroke optimization
2011-05-06 Martin Renoldtesting: include smudging brush in paint test
2010-08-15 Martin Renoldsave_ora: use mipmap when generating thumbnail
2010-08-15 Martin Renoldsaving: optimization, process tile scanlines
2010-08-15 Martin Renoldsave: don't render empty tiles
2009-08-29 Martin Renold16bit compositing (step 1/2)
2009-07-25 Martin Renoldsupport multifile PNG save (all layers)
2009-07-23 Martin Renoldfix typos in comments
2009-07-20 Martin Renoldmipmap: fix unittest, use less memory
2009-07-12 Martin RenoldFix "merge layer down"
2009-07-12 Alinson SantosMipmapping, faster zoom out
2009-07-06 Martin RenoldMinor code cleanups
2009-07-05 Alinson SantosLayer opacity support
2009-07-02 Martin RenoldImplement stroke picking from canvas
2009-07-02 Martin RenoldMake surface snapshots look like a Surface object
2009-05-28 Martin Renolddebug print save/load ora timings; other minor changes
2009-05-25 Martin Renold[save/load] Moved dithering implementation from python...
2009-05-25 Martin RenoldMore rounding/dithering tricks.
2009-05-24 Martin Renolddithering again, this time with correct math...
2009-05-24 Martin Renold[save layer] do dithering instead of rounding
2009-05-24 Martin RenoldFix rounding bug that was causing PNG files getting...
2009-02-17 Martin Renoldblink individual tiles
2009-02-01 Martin Renold"merge layer down" implemented
2009-01-21 Martin Renoldlayer copy/paste now adds empty space (document bbox...
2009-01-18 Martin Renoldfix a rather pointless full-screen-redraw after each...
2009-01-12 Martin Renolddo not initialize tile memory when creating a copy
2009-01-04 Martin Renoldoptimization of background blitting, and some other...
2008-12-29 Martin Renoldmake sure every GPL header says "version 2 or later...
2008-12-26 Martin Renoldimplemented background patterns
2008-12-15 Martin Renoldimplemented OpenRaster save/load
2008-12-14 Martin is also used for loading png bitmaps now
2008-12-14 Martin Renoldimplemented pixbufsurface: serves tiled memory from...
2008-12-14 Martin Renoldminor code consistency update
2008-11-28 Martin Renold"remove" PIL dependency, it is only needed for tests
2008-11-28 Martin RenoldOptimization: cache pointer to recently used tile memory.
2008-11-27 Martin Renoldobvious blitting optimization (allow blitting to non...
2008-11-25 Martin Renoldimplemented copy/paste layer to clipboard;
2008-11-23 Martin Renoldbrushlib splitoff (moved some code from lib into brushlib)
2008-11-23 Martin Renoldfixed save() and load_from_data() in
2008-11-21 Martin RenoldSwitched surface to 15bit per channel premultiplied...
2008-11-03 Martin Renoldfixed brush preview pngs again with new surface internals
2008-11-03 Martin Renoldfix missing cast
2008-11-03 Martin Renoldmove back from float32 to uint8 image format [work...
2008-11-02 Martin Renoldfast scrolling
2008-11-02 Martin Renoldgetting rid of linear light; it just doesn't work well...
2008-10-21 Martin Renoldimplemented pixmap loading on tiledsurface (fixes brush...
2008-10-20 Martin Renoldmake "linear light" workspace work again
2008-10-11 Martin Renoldseparate lib/ and gui/ directory