2013-10-24 Andrew Chadwickfreehand: Split out per-TDW drawstate
2013-10-23 Andrew Chadwickeventhack: interpolate pressure and tilt axes
2013-10-23 Andrew Chadwickeventhack: acquire GIL, bump data tuple refcount
2013-10-23 Andrew Chadwickinput events: add event filter to improve capture
2013-10-23 Andrew Chadwickcanvasevent: per-tdw state, simplify queue API
2013-10-23 Andrew Chadwickcanvasevent: add some rate-debugging code
2013-10-23 Andrew Chadwickcanvasevent: completely remove the stroke queue
2013-10-20 Andrew Chadwickfill: fix mem leaks, add debugging checks
2013-10-20 Andrew Chadwickpaletteview: fix exception when opening properties
2013-10-17 Andrew Chadwicktopbar: fix styling in some themes
2013-10-11 Jon Nordbylib: Split out Python specific parts of save_png_fast_p...
2013-10-11 Jon Nordbylib: Fix wrong checking of bounding box in end_atomic()
2013-10-11 Jon Nordbylib: Use return value of TiledSurface::end_atomic(...
2013-10-11 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Add const some more places
2013-10-11 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Add operation_queue_peek_first/last()
2013-10-11 Jon Nordbybrushlib: OperationQueue only updated dirty tiles on...
2013-10-10 Andrew Chadwickhcywheel: fix gamuts in New not showing
2013-10-10 Andrew ChadwickFix incorrect path for palettes on first run
2013-10-10 Andrew Chadwickfeedback: turn off zoom overlay by default
2013-10-10 Andrew Chadwickfooter bar: add scale/rotation, add options button
2013-10-10 Andrew Chadwickfooter mode display: refactor, add icon tooltip
2013-10-10 Andrew Chadwicklinemode: various comment updates
2013-10-10 Andrew Chadwickmessage revamp: update usage messages etc.
2013-10-10 Andrew Chadwickworkspace: make paned contents prettier
2013-10-10 Andrew Chadwicktdw: publish viewport updates via an @event
2013-10-10 Andrew Chadwickoptions: transitions fix for common ancestries
2013-10-10 Jon Nordbydoc: Add some notes around performance
2013-10-09 Jon Nordbylib: Make more pixops usable from pure C/C++
2013-10-09 Jon Nordbylib: Const correctness for tile_copy_rgba16_into_rgba16_c
2013-10-09 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Return MyPaintRectangle from mypaint_surface_...
2013-10-09 Jon Nordbylib: Avoid circular dependency between tiledsurface...
2013-10-09 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Rename MyPaintTiledSurfaceTileRequest, add...
2013-10-09 Jon Nordbylib: Allow C++ code in pythontiledsurface
2013-10-08 Jon Nordbygui: Use new-style classes everywhere
2013-10-07 Andrew Chadwickcolorpicker: fix construction
2013-10-06 Andrew Chadwickframe: reveal when entering the mode
2013-10-06 Andrew Chadwickframe: altering the frame now enables frame 1st
2013-10-06 Andrew Chadwickframewindow: rm some commented out stuff
2013-10-06 Andrew Chadwickframe: use proper overlay, show editable elements
2013-10-05 Andrew Chadwickoverlays: base on object
2013-10-05 Andrew Chadwickfix icons: 256px icon was not in correct place
2013-09-30 Andrew Chadwickoptions panel: fix annoying logged exception
2013-09-30 Andrew Chadwickfill: use the GIMP's matching algorithm
2013-09-30 Andrew Chadwickrefactor linemode curves, fix opts panel reset
2013-09-30 Andrew Chadwickoptions panel: really really show AttributeErrors
2013-09-30 Andrew Chadwickline modes: make switchable
2013-09-30 Andrew Chadwickminor comment fixup
2013-09-30 Andrew Chadwickmodes: simplify stacking
2013-09-30 Andrew Chadwickframe edit mode: fix an exception
2013-09-30 Andrew Chadwickfill: allow menu
2013-09-30 Andrew Chadwickmodes: more careful mode exit pop()s
2013-09-30 Andrew Chadwickswitchy modes: filter modifier messages in taskbar
2013-09-30 Andrew Chadwickfill: feedback fixes: cursor setting & sensitivity
2013-09-30 Andrew Chadwickfill: minor tweaks and fixes
2013-09-30 Andrew Chadwickfill: options panel for tolerance, sample merged
2013-09-30 Andrew Chadwickworkspace: test for attrs, don't use exceptions
2013-09-30 Andrew ChadwickGTK3: use inline-toolbar for button map editor
2013-09-30 Andrew Chadwickoptions_widget: add for various modes
2013-09-30 Andrew Chadwickmode options: add a dockable panel widget
2013-09-30 Andrew Chadwickfill: threshold, fill to intermediate array
2013-09-30 Andrew Chadwickflood-fill: complete implementation
2013-09-30 Andrew Chadwickfill: Add missing header (oops)
2013-09-30 Andrew ChadwickBasic flood fill feature
2013-09-30 Andrew Chadwicktiledsurface: fix get_color()'s return for Python
2013-09-13 Jakub Steinerupdated app icon
2013-09-04 Leonardo A... brushiconeditor: small UI tidy up.
2013-09-04 Andrew Chadwickcanvasevent: turn off stroke queueing
2013-08-20 Andrew Chadwickload_ora(): fix mispositioned frames
2013-08-20 Andrew Chadwickstrokemap: allow non-tile-aligned stroke loading
2013-08-20 Andrew Chadwickstroke idletask: remove immediate processing
2013-08-20 Andrew Chadwickfreehand mode: improve scribble responsiveness
2013-08-19 Andrew Chadwickload_ora(): enable frame if it was customized
2013-08-19 Andrew Chadwickframe: adjustment and enabling are now undoable
2013-08-19 Andrew Chadwickframewindow: fix updating bug
2013-08-19 Andrew Chadwickframe: add Trim Layer command
2013-08-18 Andrew Chadwickapp: move updating setting sliders on brush change
2013-08-18 Andrew ChadwickFix brush settings not updating until editor shown
2013-08-15 Andrew Chadwicklayer move: improve appearance
2013-08-14 Andrew ChadwickSurface impl: some docs, minor refactor
2013-08-05 Andrew Chadwickpixel brushes: add snap_to_pixel
2013-08-02 Andrew Chadwickuicolor: better definition of HCY
2013-08-02 Andrew Chadwickbrusheditor: various fixes & UI tweaks
2013-08-02 Andrew Chadwickbrushsettingswin: remove, replaced by new editor
2013-08-02 Andrew Chadwickstroke: fix re-rendering for live update
2013-08-01 Andrew Chadwickbrusheditor: tidy up brush settings editor GUI
2013-08-01 Andrew Chadwickcurve: display fixup, quieter logging
2013-08-01 Andrew Chadwickdialogs: migrate to PyGI
2013-07-28 Andrew Chadwickwindowing: convert to PyGI
2013-07-24 Andrew ChadwickBrush icon editor: split out, rework
2013-07-24 Andrew Chadwicktdw: cursor improvements
2013-07-24 Andrew Chadwicktdw: allow the pixelize threshold to be set
2013-07-24 Andrew Chadwicktdw: allow scrolling on realloc to be turned off
2013-07-11 Andrew Chadwickcolor adjusters: move into toolbar dropdown
2013-07-11 Andrew Chadwickcolortools: remove unused method
2013-07-11 Andrew Chadwickbrushmanager: remove active_groups stuff
2013-07-11 Andrew Chadwickbrush group action: fix labelling & translation
2013-07-11 Andrew Chadwickbrush groups: replace old selection widget
2013-07-10 Andrew Chadwickbackgroundwindow: fix exception when opening
2013-07-10 Andrew Chadwickpixbuflist/brushlist: fix DnD exceptions
2013-07-10 Andrew ChadwickTabbed workspace support for brush groups