2014-07-27 Andrew ChadwickSo long, and thanks for all the fish master
2014-07-23 Andrew ChadwickRefactor mode hierarchy
2014-07-23 Andrew ChadwickBrushlib: submodule bump
2014-07-23 iireluAdded lib/mypaintlib_wrap.cpp to .gitignore
2014-07-21 Andrew ChadwickSubmodule bump to fix M_PI macro redefinition
2014-07-21 Andrew ChadwickSCons: better default prefix; improve help
2014-07-21 Andrew ChadwickRefactor Brushmanager init; bugfix
2014-07-21 Albert WestraRefined Two Symbolic Icons and Patched Export Script
2014-07-20 Andrew ChadwickREADME: minor clarifcation
2014-07-20 Andrew ChadwickUpdate docs with OS X build notes
2014-07-20 Andrew ChadwickSConstruct: turn off '-z origin' fully for OSX
2014-07-20 Andrew ChadwickSConstruct: different openmp defaults for OS X
2014-07-20 Andrew ChadwickOS X: remove workaround for python<2.7.4
2014-07-20 Andrew ChadwickEstablish build order, don't let scons guess
2014-07-20 Andrew ChadwickSwig: use native support provided by SCons
2014-07-20 Andrew ChadwickDocument scons build dependency, nominate version
2014-07-20 Andrew ChadwickMore central and portable removal of old targets
2014-07-20 Andrew ChadwickReduce number of prints in --help mode
2014-07-18 Andrew ChadwickFix test perms, allow nosetests from toplevel
2014-07-18 Andrew ChadwickSubmodule bump
2014-07-18 Andrew ChadwickBetter handling of optimization flags for lib/
2014-07-18 Andrew ChadwickFix build when using clang on Linux
2014-07-17 Andrew extra github flavour
2014-07-17 Andrew ChadwickUpdate README, convert to Markdown
2014-07-16 Albert WestraRevised Icons and Coded them In
2014-07-16 Albert WestraAdded Two Symbolic Icons and Added Info to Icon Extract...
2014-07-16 Andrew ChadwickTidy up brush editor & fix exception
2014-07-14 Andrew ChadwickSubmodule bump, wider libjson[-c] version compat
2014-07-14 Andrew ChadwickAdd Kaerhon Brush Pack v1
2014-07-14 Andrew ChadwickMerge pull request #44 from iirelu/gitignore-edit
2014-07-14 iireluAdded a generated file to .gitignore
2014-07-13 Andrew ChadwickForbid zero-pressure events if a button is down
2014-07-13 Andrew ChadwickImprove debugging some more
2014-07-11 Andrew ChadwickMore device debugging at startup
2014-07-10 Andrew ChadwickRe-enter current mode when entering fullscreen
2014-07-09 Andrew ChadwickFix modifiers+space binding
2014-07-09 Andrew ChadwickSupport fake, hopefully faster, checkerboard bgs
2014-07-08 Andrew ChadwickForbid Merge Down if either layer is locked
2014-07-06 Andrew ChadwickTidy some dead code and unused vars
2014-07-06 iireluSimplified the functionality of eraser mode
2014-07-05 Andrew ChadwickMake "Normal" the default mode for groups
2014-07-05 Andrew ChadwickWork in premult alpha for more modes
2014-07-05 Andrew ChadwickPixel ops: deparallelize, _c()ify the rgba one
2014-07-05 Andrew ChadwickRendering tests: add some more cases
2014-07-03 Andrew ChadwickFix incorrect OpenMP variable privacy
2014-07-02 Andrew Chadwickdisplay rendering: use a LRU cache
2014-07-02 Andrew ChadwickImprove rendering speed test
2014-07-02 Andrew ChadwickBuild: add help output
2014-07-02 Andrew ChadwickSubmodule bump + add options
2014-07-02 Andrew ChadwickLines and Curves: fix pressure curve error
2014-07-01 Andrew Chadwicktests: add raw rendering performance test
2014-06-30 Andrew Chadwicktile clearing: fix HEAVY_DEBUG assertion
2014-06-29 Andrew Chadwickfreehand: clearer event compression workarounds
2014-06-28 Andrew ChadwickFrame observers: replace with fine grained @events
2014-06-28 Andrew Chadwicklib.observable: log methods that fail before call
2014-06-28 Andrew Chadwicktiledsurface: optimize dst-in compositing
2014-06-27 Andrew ChadwickMinor docs spelling fix
2014-06-26 Andrew ChadwickRemove/replace deprecated API
2014-06-26 Andrew ChadwickFile→New: don't change the scratchpad bg
2014-06-25 Andrew Chadwickscons: more useful message if brushlib is missing
2014-06-25 Andrew Chadwickscons: Remove Python's -O flags from lib build
2014-06-25 Andrew ChadwickFrame tool: snap to nearest px; fix modified test
2014-06-25 Andrew ChadwickFrame tool: fix resizing weirdness
2014-06-24 Martin RenoldBrushlib update
2014-06-22 Andrew Chadwickfilehandling: RecentManager fixes
2014-06-22 Andrew ChadwickMinor code tidyup + docs
2014-06-22 Andrew ChadwickSave robustness: via tempfile, fsync()ed backup
2014-06-22 Andrew Chadwickwith_wait_cursor(): better error reporting
2014-06-22 Andrew ChadwickSplit out file and URI handling helpers
2014-06-20 Andrew Chadwicktests+doc: remove deprecated usages
2014-06-19 Andrew update to reflect moved strs
2014-06-19 Andrew ChadwickSubmodule bump & build update
2014-06-18 Andrew Chadwickversioning: set up for next release cycle
2014-06-17 Andrew ChadwickLayers dialog: update icons
2014-06-17 Andrew ChadwickLayers stack: add Pass-through mode
2014-06-17 Andrew ChadwickRemove UI for layer group isolation
2014-06-17 Andrew Chadwickfreehand: correct log message, deprioritize
2014-06-17 Andrew ChadwickAdd some doc comments [NFC]
2014-06-16 Andrew ChadwickFactor out some pixbuf loading
2014-06-16 Andrew ChadwickFix missing **kwds during rename
2014-06-16 Andrew ChadwickAdd a GtkAccelMap editor
2014-06-13 Andrew ChadwickRemove commented-out unused lines
2014-06-13 Andrew Chadwickgui.document: fix RenameLayer exception
2014-06-13 Andrew Chadwickgui.layers: fix hidden typo in do_get_iter()
2014-06-13 Andrew ChadwickUI: better behaviour when no layer is selected
2014-06-13 Andrew Chadwickdebugging: add flag for testing layer notify bugs
2014-06-12 Andrew ChadwickTentative fix for bug 22182
2014-06-11 Andrew Chadwickapplication: use python-gi; Turkish l18n
2014-06-11 Andrew Chadwickhelp strings: remove "hover and press key" info
2014-06-11 Andrew Chadwickdrawwindow: bump copyright date
2014-06-11 Andrew Chadwickdrawwindow: re-enable DnD; use python-gi dialect
2014-06-11 Andrew Chadwickdrawwindow: switch filename and app name order
2014-06-11 Andrew Chadwickdrawwindow: no longer unfullscreen on Escape
2014-06-10 Andrew ChadwickBrush editor: Auto button, symbolic icons
2014-06-10 Andrew ChadwickUse a procedural brush preview for fallback
2014-06-09 Andrew Chadwicklib.brush: Fix docstr, rm dead code [NFC]
2014-06-09 Andrew ChadwickBrushwork command: fix a potential exception
2014-06-01 Andrew ChadwickLayer Solo: always show bg; show effect against bg
2014-06-01 Andrew Chadwicklayers: improve rendering-layer enumeration
2014-06-01 Andrew ChadwickMinor: docs, style, code cleanup