new layer merging, convert layer to normal mode
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2012-11-25 Martin Renoldnew layer merging, convert layer to normal mode
2012-11-09 Andrew ChadwickSetLayerOpacity: don't recalc bbox needlessly
2012-09-09 Andrew Chadwickcommand stack: permit updating the last command
2012-07-25 Andrew ChadwickLayer stack actions: update, make more keybindable
2012-05-13 Andrew Chadwicksymmetry: refactor, manage states via UI
2011-12-09 Andrew Chadwicklayer move: make undoable, distance weighting etc
2011-11-20 Martin Renoldload_ora: load png layers faster, use less memory
2011-10-03 Jon NordbyMake TiledSurface an internal member of Layer
2011-09-24 sigetchlayer compositing: give set-op cmd a display name
2011-09-24 sigetchlayer composite ops: initial implementation
2011-09-20 Andrew Chadwickundo/redo: smart menu items and toolitems
2011-09-12 Ferry Jérémieduplicate layer button
2011-08-01 Andrew Chadwickcommand stack: add an observer interface
2011-07-31 Andrew Chadwickcommand stack: add an observer interface
2011-07-15 Ben O'SteenMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-07-09 Andrew Chadwicklayers tool: redo as a gtk list
2011-06-18 Martin Renoldundo: slightly increase number of steps
2011-03-01 Andrew Chadwicklayer lock: prevent accidental selection & drawing
2010-05-04 Jon NordbyFix undo/redo bug with visibility
2010-05-04 Jon NordbyCleaner way to set visibility of the layer.
2010-01-29 Jon Nordbylayerwin: Fix loading layer names from ORA file
2010-01-24 Jon Nordbylayerwin: Move opacity slider out from layer list
2010-01-24 Martin Renoldlayers: more robust remove/merge actions
2010-01-03 Jon NordbyFix updating of layer dialog on undo/redo.
2010-01-03 Ilya PortnovLayer dialog by Ilya Portnov
2009-07-11 Martin RenoldLayer opacity and merging undo/redo
2009-07-06 Martin RenoldMinor code cleanups
2009-07-02 Martin RenoldImplement stroke picking from canvas
2009-06-06 Martin Renoldbugfix when redoing MergeLayer after the AddLayer was...
2009-06-06 Martin Renoldupdate the display after undo/redoing a layer deletion
2009-02-01 Martin Renold"merge layer down" implemented
2009-01-12 Martin Renoldstroke undo redone: 20 very fast undo steps and it...
2008-12-29 Martin Renoldmake sure every GPL header says "version 2 or later...
2008-12-29 Martin Renolddefault background is remembered; setting background...
2008-12-27 Martin Renoldora: save/load background color or tiles
2008-12-26 Martin Renoldimplemented background patterns
2008-12-15 Martin Renoldimplemented OpenRaster save/load
2008-12-14 Martin is also used for loading png bitmaps now
2008-12-14 Martin Renoldmove stroke caching details into
2008-12-08 Martin Renoldremoving modify-last-stroke relict
2008-10-26 Martin Renoldfixed "add layer / take layer away" in layer menu
2008-10-21 Martin Renoldimplemented pixmap loading on tiledsurface (fixes brush...
2008-10-13 Martin Renoldunit-tested save/load & fixed missing states initialization
2008-10-13 Martin Renoldsmall bugfix and more testing
2008-10-12 Martin Renoldask about quitting only if there is >15s of painting
2008-10-11 Martin Renoldseparate lib/ and gui/ directory