new layer merging, convert layer to normal mode
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2012-11-25 Martin Renoldnew layer merging, convert layer to normal mode
2012-11-23 Andrew Chadwickmode stack: support contextual pushing, mode flips
2012-11-22 Andrew Chadwickdoc: more useful default strings for Undo/Redo
2012-11-22 Andrew Chadwicklayer-move, linemodes: no-op if layer locked/invis
2012-11-17 Andrew ChadwickRemove some debug print cruft
2012-09-20 Martin Renolddocstring update
2012-09-16 Martin Renoldallow to choose if brushkeys remember color
2012-08-12 Andrew ChadwickAdd interaction modes for lines, view manipulation
2012-08-12 Andrew Chadwickcanvasevent: begin associating actions with modes
2012-08-07 Andrew Chadwickkeyboard and pointer input: big refactor
2012-07-25 Andrew ChadwickLayer stack actions: update, make more keybindable
2012-07-23 Andrew Chadwickactions: move core actions to GtkBuilder XML
2012-07-20 Andrew Chadwickstock: partly replace with GtkBuilder XML
2012-07-20 Jon NordbyTEMP: various unsorted ports and hacks
2012-05-17 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Convert the brush interface to C
2012-05-17 Jon NordbyUse allocation of GtkWidget instead of size of GdkWindow
2012-05-17 Martin Renoldkeyboard: add more default shortcuts
2012-05-13 Andrew Chadwicksymmetry: new axis derives from display centre
2012-05-13 Andrew Chadwicksymmetry: refactor, manage states via UI
2012-03-03 Martin Renoldminor code cleanups
2012-02-27 Richard JonesLines, Curves, and Ellipses
2012-01-27 Andrew Chadwicksymmetry: move to Edit menu, now toggle, add icon
2012-01-25 Martin Renoldsymmetry: minor code cleanup
2012-01-25 Martin FrancoAdd symetrical drawing
2012-01-11 Andrew Chadwickoverlays: api for showing info on tdws
2012-01-01 Richard Jonesadded View>Fit command
2011-12-09 Andrew Chadwickmove layer: initial implementation
2011-10-03 Jon NordbyMake TiledSurface an internal member of Layer
2011-09-24 sigetchzooming updates: add an extra zoom level
2011-09-24 Martin Renoldwhen clearing the last layer, don't reset the filename
2011-09-20 Andrew Chadwickundo/redo: smart menu items and toolitems
2011-09-05 Andrew Chadwickacition groups: easier finding
2011-08-20 Martin Renoldrename warmer/colder to "change hue"
2011-08-20 Griatchchange warmer/colder keyboard shortcut
2011-08-14 Andrew Chadwickdoc: fix missing arg when picking strokes
2011-08-14 Martin Renoldrestore last used brush/color when loading ORA
2011-08-10 Andrew Chadwickapp, doc: scratchpad follows primary doc
2011-08-10 Andrew ChadwickScratchpad: catch up to master
2011-08-01 Ben O'SteenScratchpad: fixed issue with user-set button functional...
2011-08-01 Ben O'SteenScratchpad: Refactored scratchpad vars to be ref'd...
2011-08-01 Andrew Chadwickbrushmodifier: redo states using gtk.ToggleActions
2011-08-01 Andrew Chadwickvarious: toolbar, toggle items, stock
2011-08-01 Martin Renoldrename "trash" --> "junk"
2011-08-01 Ben O'SteenGot 'Pick Context' working while the cursor is in a...
2011-08-01 Ben O'SteenErroneously took away the Scratchpad's action_group...
2011-08-01 Ben O'SteenAdded the scratchpad toggle switch to the main menu
2011-08-01 Ben O'SteenAdded new widget - a scratchpad. Uses similar mechanics...
2011-07-31 Andrew Chadwickbrushmodifier: redo states using gtk.ToggleActions
2011-07-31 Andrew Chadwickvarious: toolbar, toggle items, stock
2011-07-27 Martin Renoldrename "trash" --> "junk"
2011-07-21 Ben O'SteenMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-07-18 Martin Renoldinvert drag-zoom direction
2011-07-15 Ben O'SteenMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-07-15 Andrew Chadwicktdw: redo code for avoiding spurious recenterings
2011-07-07 Elliott Sales de... Fix spelling and grammar in various places.
2011-07-05 Martin Renoldlock_alpha: fix problem getting rid of the mode
2011-06-30 Andrew Chadwicksidebar: don't recenter the view on hide or show
2011-06-02 Martin Renoldadd preference for "high quality zoom"
2011-05-17 Martin Renoldfix 'n' key (normal mode)
2011-05-17 Martin Renoldrework locked_alpha and eraser mode GUI states
2011-05-16 Martin Renoldrefactor brush observer code and its users
2011-05-16 guciekadd lock_alpha; blend mode refactoring
2011-03-02 Andrew Chadwickview menu: distinguish local resets from global
2011-03-01 Andrew Chadwickview reset: fix load-time crash
2011-03-01 Andrew Chadwicklayer lock: prevent accidental selection & drawing
2011-02-28 Till Hartmanndoc: actions for resetting rotation, zoom, mirror
2011-02-24 Andrew Chadwickdefault zoom: fix crash on bad prefs value
2011-02-17 Jon Nordbyframe: Ability to move frame on-canvas.
2011-02-17 Jon Nordbyframe: State and visualization
2011-01-22 Martin Renoldgui: more intuitive rotation control
2011-01-22 Martin Renoldmenu: show key accelerator labels for rotation
2010-11-18 Jon NordbyMake view rotation step 22.5 degrees.
2010-11-03 Martin Renoldfix exception on device change
2010-11-02 Andrew Chadwickcolor history: update immediately on painting
2010-11-01 Andrew Chadwickeraser mode: play nice with restored brushes
2010-11-01 Andrew Chadwickbrushinfo: refactor brush descriptions
2010-11-01 Andrew Chadwickper-device brushes: remember across sessions
2010-10-30 Martin Renoldcanvas: mouse zoom/pan/rotate shortcuts
2010-10-30 Martin Renoldcontext keys: fix previous commit
2010-10-30 Martin Renoldcontext keys: don't restore color
2010-10-06 Andrew Chadwickmenus: more stock icons for items
2010-10-05 Andrew Chadwickselected_brush_observers: fix various UI glitches
2010-09-12 Vasilis PlataniasMore color menu actions and stop hue resetting to 0.
2010-07-17 David Gowersadd pixel brushes, allow extreme zoom-in levels
2010-07-05 Martin Renoldrevert scrolling speed back to 1:1
2010-06-24 Martin Renoldreduce scrolling speed
2010-06-20 Jon NordbyFix saving of context brush
2010-06-04 Jon Nordbypreferences: Configurable default zoom
2010-05-14 Martin Renoldvertical mirror added; and rotate around center
2010-04-20 Martin Renoldcontext keys: also restore color
2010-04-01 Martin Renoldrotate with ctrl-mmb
2010-04-01 Martin Renoldkeyboard: more default shortcuts (2nd try)
2010-04-01 Jon Nordbygui: Move code from drawwindow into separate file