Menubar hiding, menu button on the toolbar
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2011-08-22 Andrew ChadwickMenubar hiding, menu button on the toolbar
2011-08-10 Andrew Chadwickapp, doc: scratchpad follows primary doc
2011-08-10 Andrew ChadwickScratchpad: catch up to master
2011-08-02 Andrew Chadwickapp: use an explicit path for icon searches
2011-08-01 Ben O'SteenScratchpad: Refactored scratchpad vars to be ref'd...
2011-08-01 Ben O'SteenScratchpad: fixed bug on opening autosaved file when...
2011-08-01 Martin Renoldapp: refuse to start if icons are missing
2011-08-01 Andrew Chadwickstock: use for tool subwindow icons and titles
2011-08-01 Andrew Chadwickvarious: misc trailing whitespace fixes
2011-08-01 Andrew Chadwickvarious: toolbar, toggle items, stock
2011-08-01 Martin Renoldrename "trash" --> "junk"
2011-08-01 Ben O'SteenScratchpad: Implemented default and autosave scratchpad...
2011-08-01 Ben O'SteenScratchpad: Added a widget toggle option in top menu
2011-08-01 Ben O'SteenScratchpads: Added New, Open, Save as + Revert
2011-08-01 Ben O'SteenScratchpad as simple, persistent area
2011-08-01 Ben O'SteenAdded feature - Home button links the scratchpad to...
2011-08-01 Ben O'SteenAdded new widget - a scratchpad. Uses similar mechanics...
2011-07-31 Martin Renoldapp: refuse to start if icons are missing
2011-07-31 Andrew Chadwickstock: use for tool subwindow icons and titles
2011-07-31 Andrew Chadwickvarious: misc trailing whitespace fixes
2011-07-31 Andrew Chadwickvarious: toolbar, toggle items, stock
2011-07-27 Martin Renoldrename "trash" --> "junk"
2011-07-15 Ben O'SteenMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-07-10 Martin Renoldapp: simplify handling of malformed settings.json
2011-07-10 Andrew Chadwickapp: fix crasher with malformed settings.json
2011-07-09 Andrew Chadwickapp: correct a whitelist/default pos typo
2011-07-09 Martin Renoldaccept empty settings.json
2011-07-03 Martin Renoldwindowing: ignore non-existing windows from config
2011-07-01 Andrew Chadwicktool windows: add icons to the drag handles
2011-06-02 Martin Renoldadd preference for "high quality zoom"
2011-05-17 Martin Renoldrework locked_alpha and eraser mode GUI states
2011-05-16 Martin Renoldrefactor brush observer code and its users
2011-03-31 Martin Renoldwindowing: disable gtk color selector by default
2011-03-17 Andrew Chadwickgtk color selector: fix sizing, make default again
2011-03-15 Martin Renoldconfig: always create subdirectories
2011-03-12 Andrew Chadwicklayout/windowing: update positioning code
2011-03-08 Andrew Chadwickapp: sane default tool sizes and positions
2011-03-08 Andrew Chadwickapp: switch to layoutmanager from windowmanager
2011-03-04 Martin Renoldportability: small code cleanup
2011-03-04 Tumagonxwindows: use different scrap path
2011-01-09 Andrew Chadwickprefs: allow rebinding of more buttons & mods
2010-12-30 Andrew Chadwickright click: allow use as a menu popup too
2010-12-30 Andrew Chadwickprefs win: fix blank widgets
2010-12-29 Andrew Chadwickbrushmanager: unconflate in_brushlist & persistent
2010-12-25 Jon Nordbywindowing: Move code to new WindowManager class.
2010-11-17 Andrew Chadwickcolor ui refactoring: use hsv more,
2010-11-01 Andrew Chadwickbrushinfo: refactor brush descriptions
2010-11-01 Andrew Chadwickper-device brushes: remember across sessions
2010-10-06 Andrew Chadwickcolor sampler: colorwheel size when expanding
2010-10-05 Andrew Chadwickselected_brush_observers: fix various UI glitches
2010-09-22 Andrew Chadwickapplication startup: present main window, notify
2010-09-19 Martin Renolddebug: gtk input test window showing events
2010-09-09 Jon NordbyUse GTK colorselector by default
2010-08-22 Ilya PortnovAdd a preference to disable color history popup.
2010-08-09 Till Hartmannbrushmanager: Persistence of brush and groups
2010-06-20 Jon NordbyMove pick_color_at_pointer to Application
2010-06-16 Jon Nordbybrushmanager: ManagedBrush no longer a lib.Brush
2010-06-16 Jon Nordbypreferences: move logic to Application
2010-06-16 Jon NordbyInit of brush_adjustment moved to Application
2010-06-15 Jon Nordbypreferences: Configurable default save format
2010-06-04 Jon Nordbypreferences: Configurable default zoom
2010-06-04 Jon Nordbyscraps: Default prefix to ~/MyPaint/scrap
2010-06-03 Jon Nordbypreferences: Switch to JSON for config persistence
2010-06-03 Andrzej Giniewiczgui/application: small comment typos
2010-05-15 Jon Nordbyfixup: Remove dead code from f8887fb
2010-05-14 Jon Nordbypreferences: move data/logic out from window
2010-04-01 Jon Nordbygui: Move code from drawwindow into separate file
2010-02-14 Martin Renoldtesting: more memory leak debugging
2010-02-10 Andrew Chadwickwindowing: big main-win with sub-wins on same mon
2010-02-03 Andrew Chadwickwindowing: tab key show+hide, default positions
2010-01-30 Martin Renoldrename settings --> preferences
2010-01-25 Martin Renoldopen new color selector by default
2010-01-23 Andrew ChadwickMake subwindows transient like GIMP
2010-01-03 Ilya PortnovLayer dialog by Ilya Portnov
2009-12-27 Jon NordbySet filename when given a nonexisting file.
2009-12-13 Martin Renoldbrushgroups: many bugfixes and cleanup
2009-12-13 Martin Renoldpylint code cleanup
2009-12-13 Martin Renoldrefactor brush/groups file handling
2009-12-13 Martin Renoldbrushgroups: fix unicode problem
2009-12-13 Martin Renoldbrushgroups: widget with text labels for toggling groups
2009-12-13 Martin Renoldbrushgroups: removal/deletion/renaming of brushes/group...
2009-12-13 Martin Renoldbrushgroups implemented, basic drag&drop working (wip...
2009-12-05 Martin Renoldcolor picking cursor (taken from GIMP)
2009-10-04 Martin Renoldremember brush when switching between devices
2009-10-04 Martin Renoldcode cleanup: don't depend on observer call order
2009-10-04 Martin Renoldcode cleanup: renaming selected_brush_observers
2009-09-13 Martin Renoldwindows: locale and icon fix attempts
2009-09-07 Martin Renoldfix mypaint.desktop and installation of icons
2009-09-06 Martin Renoldset utility hints (experiment)
2009-08-30 Martin Renoldfix wrong warning about ignored keybindings
2009-08-30 Jon Nordbygui: moved filehandling to separate sourcefile
2009-08-23 Ilya PortnovAdd new color selector (color sampler).
2009-08-19 Jon Nordbygui/i18n: Fixed code duplication/unmarked strings
2009-08-19 Martin RenoldMerge branch 'i18n' (with cleaned-up commits)
2009-08-19 Martin Renoldmake gettext work both installed and non-installed
2009-08-19 Ilya PortnovStart i18n.
2009-07-09 Martin Renoldperftests: continued infrastructure work
2009-07-09 Jon Nordbybasic principle for rewrite in order to enable out...
2009-07-06 Martin RenoldMinor code cleanups
2009-07-04 Martin RenoldAdd plus sign to big background patterns