2013-01-12 Andrew Chadwickfreehand cursors: tweak defaults, docs
2013-01-12 Andrew Chadwickmultifile saving: skip thumbnailing and recent mgt
2013-01-11 Andrew Chadwickcursors: increase diameter by 1px
2013-01-11 Andrew Chadwickcursors: hotspot fix; reduce min size; even sizes
2013-01-11 Andrew Chadwickgtk3: fix exception when picking strokes
2013-01-11 Andrew Chadwickgtk3: fix exception with color details dialog
2013-01-11 Andrew Chadwicktoolbar: ungrab keyboard too when hiding dropdowns
2013-01-11 Andrew Chadwickgtk3: fix exception & blank units box in frame win
2013-01-10 Andrew Chadwickgtk3: fixed/better popup menu code
2013-01-10 Andrew Chadwickgtk3: fix picker getting stuck in grab
2013-01-10 Andrew Chadwickgtk3: clipboard fix
2013-01-09 Martin Renoldbrushlib: allow pressure > 1.0
2013-01-09 Martin Renoldnew "pressure gain" brush setting
2013-01-09 Andrew Chadwickgtk3: enable scroll events
2013-01-09 Andrew Chadwickgtk3: fix gdk_window_get_geometry() calls
2013-01-09 Andrew Chadwickgtk3: gdk_display_get_window_at_pointer() fixes
2013-01-09 Andrew Chadwickgtk3: fix exception in tdw's render_prepare()
2013-01-09 Andrew Chadwickgtk3: use set_related_action, not connect_proxy
2013-01-09 Andrew ChadwickUI: update FitView tooltip
2013-01-09 Andrew ChadwickFit-view command: now a toggle
2013-01-08 Martin Renoldbrush collection: fix ramon/Pastel_1
2013-01-08 Martin Renoldbrushsettings: rename Anti-aliasing to Pixel feather
2013-01-08 Andrew Chadwickdesktop: remove deprecated Encoding key
2013-01-07 Martin Renoldsnap-to-pixel brushsetting: category, tooltip
2013-01-07 Micael Diasbrushlib: add snap-to-pixel brush functionality
2013-01-06 Martin Renoldwhen zoomed-in, pixelize a bit earlier
2013-01-06 Micael Diasbrushlib: Optimize antialiasing approximation
2013-01-06 Micael Diasbrushlib: Use aproximate technique for subpixel painting
2013-01-06 Martin Renoldbrushsettings: auto-display new brush settings
2013-01-06 Martin Renoldfix json brush loading backwards compatibility
2013-01-06 Martin Renoldbrush parser exception handling
2013-01-06 Martin Renoldfix json .myb catch-all exception handling
2013-01-05 Jon Nordbybuild: Use a scons Command with dependencies for genera...
2013-01-05 Jon Nordbylib: Remove unused C function ExpandToIncludePoint
2013-01-05 Jon NordbyFix bug #20404: Background tiles: at minimum zoom ...
2013-01-04 Andrew ChadwickREADME: sandbox location must be absolute
2013-01-04 Andrew Chadwickbrushlib: use the standard header for malloc()
2013-01-04 Martin Renoldversion bump
2013-01-04 Andrew Chadwickpalettes: license change for All_color_choice.gpl
2013-01-04 Andrew Chadwickmove-layer: fix a race condition with leave()
2013-01-03 Jon NordbyMove iteration over tiles for compositing and rendering...
2013-01-03 Jon Nordbylib: Expose the tile request concept also on Python...
2013-01-03 Jon Nordbylib: Move Background class into
2013-01-03 Jon Nordbylib: Store backgrounds using TiledSurface
2013-01-01 Jon Nordbybuild: Pass -Wall to swig
2012-12-31 Andrew Chadwickpythontiledsurface: tidier code for exception dump v1.1.0 v1.1.0-rc3
2012-12-31 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Fix off-by-1 error when checking dirtytile...
2012-12-31 Andrew Chadwicktile_request_start: report Python exceptions
2012-12-31 Martin Renoldchangelog update
2012-12-31 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Fix crash due to duplicates in dirty_tiles...
2012-12-31 Andrew Chadwicktoolbar: update view icons
2012-12-31 Andrew Chadwicktoolbar: rearrange, better defaults
2012-12-30 Andrew Chadwicktoolbar: more useful defaults
2012-12-30 Andrew Chadwickmove layer icon: fix shape
2012-12-29 Andrew Chadwickcolor picker popup: replace with mode+overlay v1.1.0-rc2
2012-12-28 Aradszki GergelyHungarian translation
2012-12-23 Martin Renoldversion bump v1.1.0-rc1
2012-12-22 Martin Renoldbrushlib: fix tile_map bug
2012-12-22 Martin Renoldbrushlib: add HEAVY_DEBUG for operationqueue.c
2012-12-22 Martin Renoldlib: remove unused tile cache
2012-12-20 Andrew Chadwickdrawwindow: re-fix Escape fullscreen regression
2012-12-19 Andrew Chadwickgrey16 palette: was not actually 16 colors
2012-12-18 Martin Renoldtablet detection: add uc-logic to whitelist
2012-12-18 Joao S. O.... Brazilian Portuguese translation
2012-12-18 Cheng-Chia... update zh_TW translation
2012-12-18 Martin Renoldbrushlib: increase radius limit
2012-12-17 Martin Renoldi18n: scons translate=pt_BR.po
2012-12-17 Lamberto Tedaldii18n: update Italian translation
2012-12-17 Manuel QuiñonesUpdate brushlib es.po translation
2012-12-17 Manuel Quiñoneses.po complete translation
2012-12-17 Ilya PortnovRussian translation updated.
2012-12-17 Andrew Chadwickbrushlib: clear bbox in m.t.s._begin_atomic()
2012-12-17 Andrew Chadwicktiledsurface: return dirtied bbox in end_atomic()
2012-12-16 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Mark functions in tiled-surface where thread...
2012-12-16 Martin Renoldbuild: another attempt to fix on gentoo
2012-12-15 Joao S. O.... i18n: Brazilian Portuguese translation
2012-12-15 Martin Renoldbuild: add python_binary=xxx scons option
2012-12-15 Martin Renoldfix scons problems with old files lying around
2012-12-14 Martin Renoldbrushlib i18n build: glob pattern
2012-12-14 Andrew Chadwickcursors: less obtrusive defaults; now configurable
2012-12-13 Andrew Chadwickcursors: make a bit thinner; bugfix
2012-12-12 Andrew Chadwickcursors: freehand brush cursor updates
2012-12-12 Andrew Chadwickbrush popup: fix accidental dabs with stylus
2012-12-12 Andrew Chadwickbrush popup: save & load default size
2012-12-12 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Fix two memory leaks
2012-12-11 Manuel QuiñonesAdd a note for translators on how to get the original...
2012-12-11 Andrew Chadwickgtk3: various minor fixes
2012-12-10 Jon NordbyTry to avoid annoying "note: expected ‘struct Operation...
2012-12-10 Martin Renoldi18n: es.po fix msgfmt errors
2012-12-10 Manuel QuiñonesUpdate Spanish translation
2012-12-10 Andrew Chadwickcolor picker: grab fix: destroy window after use
2012-12-10 Popoloni18n: translation update for fr and zh_CN
2012-12-10 Martin Renoldi18n: fix brushlib strings that contain newlines
2012-12-10 Martin Renoldi18n: fix Italian translation
2012-12-10 Lamberto Tedaldii18n: Italian translation
2012-12-10 Martin Renoldi18n: really fix untranslatable tooltips
2012-12-09 Jon NordbyBuild: Fix static linking order in _mypaintlib Python...
2012-12-09 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Remove duplicate typedefs
2012-12-09 Andrew Chadwickcanvasevent: more grab error checking hacks
2012-12-09 Jon NordbyBuild: Prepend -lmypaint... to -lm -ljson