Improve button mapping, spring-loaded modes
[mypaint:maxy-experimental.git] / gui /
2012-11-17 Andrew ChadwickImprove button mapping, spring-loaded modes
2012-08-12 Andrew ChadwickAdd interaction modes for lines, view manipulation
2012-08-07 Andrew Chadwickkeyboard and pointer input: big refactor
2012-07-20 Andrew Chadwickgtk3: various fixups
2012-07-20 Andrew Chadwickstock: partly replace with GtkBuilder XML
2012-05-17 Jon NordbyFix offset in start for straight line tool
2012-05-17 Martin Renoldlines: minor tweaks
2012-05-17 Martin RenoldTiledDrawWidget: add missing properties
2012-05-13 Martin Renoldlines: allow to constrain by releasing shift
2012-05-11 Martin Renoldlines: swap shift and ctrl modifiers
2012-04-20 Andrew Chadwicktdw: refactoring: encapsulate Cairo better
2012-03-03 Martin Renoldminor code cleanups
2012-02-27 Richard JonesLines, Curves, and Ellipses