Improve button mapping, spring-loaded modes
[mypaint:maxy-experimental.git] / gui /
2012-11-17 Andrew ChadwickImprove button mapping, spring-loaded modes
2012-08-27 Andrew ChadwickDrag modes: ignore failed attempts to grab pointer
2012-08-16 Andrew Chadwickframe: make editing the frame a mode
2012-08-12 Andrew Chadwicklayer move mode: don't always automatically cancel
2012-08-12 Andrew ChadwickAdd interaction modes for lines, view manipulation
2012-08-12 Andrew Chadwickcanvasevent: begin associating actions with modes
2012-08-08 Martin Renoldcanvasevent: fix exception with bad devices
2012-08-07 Andrew Chadwickkeyboard and pointer input: big refactor