Layermoving might cause NPE
[mypaint:librarian-mypaint.git] / gui /
2013-01-01 LibrarianLayermoving might cause NPE
2013-01-01 LibrarianMerge branch 'master' into layers
2012-12-31 LibrarianMerge branch 'master' into layers
2012-12-30 LibrarianMerge branch 'master' into layers
2012-12-29 Andrew Chadwickcolor picker popup: replace with mode+overlay
2012-12-24 LibrarianLayer functions are more consistent now
2012-12-24 LibrarianMerge branch 'master' into layers
2012-12-12 LibrarianMerge branch 'master' into layers
2012-12-11 LibrarianMerge branch 'master' into layers
2012-12-11 Andrew Chadwickgtk3: various minor fixes
2012-12-10 Andrew Chadwickcolor picker: grab fix: destroy window after use
2012-12-10 LibrarianMinor cleanup
2012-12-09 Andrew Chadwickcanvasevent: more grab error checking hacks
2012-12-09 Andrew Chadwickcanvasevent: workaround color picker grab release
2012-12-09 maykRemoved double call of stroke.translate
2012-12-09 maykAdded modified files
2012-11-30 Andrew Chadwickdrag modes: exit the mode if grabs fail
2012-11-30 Andrew Chadwickkeyboard events: do not propagate
2012-11-29 Andrew Chadwickdragmode: various grab fixes
2012-11-29 Andrew Chadwickcanvasevent: fix exception: freehand flipped on
2012-11-27 Andrew Chadwickfreehand: adjust tilt for rotation and mirror
2012-11-27 Andrew Chadwickflips: ignore mods; layer move: exit if no mods
2012-11-25 Andrew Chadwickkbm+canvasevent: fix space=Button2 exception
2012-11-23 Andrew Chadwickcanvasevent: fix docstrings
2012-11-23 Andrew Chadwickmode stack: support contextual pushing, mode flips
2012-11-22 Andrew Chadwickbuttonmap: generalize finding handler objects
2012-11-22 Andrew Chadwicklayer-move, linemodes: no-op if layer locked/invis
2012-11-22 Andrew Chadwickfreehand: set the past painting position properly
2012-11-21 Andrew Chadwickicons: revamp and cleanup
2012-11-18 Andrew Chadwickcanvasevent: reinstate missing ColorPickerPopup
2012-11-18 Andrew Chadwickcanvasevent: permit more in move-layer; split hack
2012-11-17 Andrew Chadwickmodes: make more of them switchable
2012-11-17 Andrew ChadwickRemove some debug print cruft
2012-11-17 Andrew Chadwickmodes: begin using fancy cursors
2012-11-17 Andrew ChadwickLayerMoveMode: fix spacebar drags
2012-11-17 Andrew Chadwickcanvasevent: docstring fixes
2012-11-17 Andrew Chadwickspring-loaded drags: fix spacebar key-up
2012-11-17 Andrew Chadwickcanvasevent: improve flow for spring-loaded modes
2012-11-17 Andrew ChadwickImprove button mapping, spring-loaded modes
2012-08-27 Andrew ChadwickDrag modes: ignore failed attempts to grab pointer
2012-08-16 Andrew Chadwickframe: make editing the frame a mode
2012-08-12 Andrew Chadwicklayer move mode: don't always automatically cancel
2012-08-12 Andrew ChadwickAdd interaction modes for lines, view manipulation
2012-08-12 Andrew Chadwickcanvasevent: begin associating actions with modes
2012-08-08 Martin Renoldcanvasevent: fix exception with bad devices
2012-08-07 Andrew Chadwickkeyboard and pointer input: big refactor