2013-04-20 LibrarianFixed 20730 bug20730 master
2013-04-20 LibrarianMerge branch 'master' of git://
2013-04-10 Andrew Chadwickmain: add a --version option
2013-04-10 Andrew Chadwickbuild: burn in git revision and timestamp
2013-04-09 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Also commit generated mypaint-config.h
2013-04-09 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Exclude "libmypaint.c" from built sources
2013-04-09 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Add minimal example
2013-04-09 Andrew Chadwickcanvasevent: fix bailout ungrab exception
2013-04-09 LibrarianMerge branch 'master' of git://
2013-04-09 Andrew Chadwickgtk3: formally drop support for PyGTK, update docs
2013-04-09 Andrew Chadwickgtk3: migrate lib to Python+GI
2013-04-09 Andrew Chadwicklib: tidy some imports, add copyright
2013-04-09 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Remove include of non-existing file in libmyp...
2013-04-09 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Make json-c dependency opt-in
2013-04-09 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Add getters to MyPaintFixedTiledSurface for...
2013-04-09 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Update TODO
2013-04-09 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Add a "libmypaint.c" that can be included...
2013-04-09 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Commit generated brushsettings files
2013-04-09 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Update example to be a real GUI app
2013-04-09 Martin Renoldgtk3: fix automated GUI tests
2013-04-05 LibrarianMerge branch 'master' of git://
2013-04-04 Andrew Chadwickgtk3: fix exception on closing quick brush chooser
2013-04-04 Andrew ChadwickREADME: mention pygobject config
2013-03-27 Andrew Chadwickgtk3: helpers fixes for GTK3
2013-03-27 Andrew Chadwickglade: fix runner script
2013-03-25 Librariangio.Fie -> fio.file_new_for_path
2013-03-25 LibrarianMerge branch 'master' of git://
2013-03-24 Andrew Chadwickgtk3: replace deprecated GtkStyle accesses
2013-03-24 Andrew Chadwickbrushselectionwindow: minor code cleanup
2013-03-24 Andrew Chadwickgtk3: allow UIColor construction from a GdkRGBA
2013-03-22 Andrew Chadwickglade: install gui/*.glade too
2013-03-22 Andrew Chadwickprefs: move dialog contents to GtkBuilder XML
2013-03-22 Andrew Chadwickcurve: make more useful when inited with no args
2013-03-22 Andrew Chadwickapp: function access to the singleton
2013-03-22 Andrew Chadwickglade: update for glade3
2013-03-22 Andrew ChadwickREADMEs: update for GTK3
2013-03-22 LibrarianWork around styles in GTK3
2013-03-21 Andrew Chadwickgui/ gtk3 fixes and copyright
2013-03-21 Andrew Chadwickgtk3: update docs: GI+GTK3 is now on by default
2013-03-21 Andrew Chadwickgtk3: fix device change detection
2013-03-20 Andrew Chadwickinputtestwindow: GTK3 fixes
2013-03-20 Andrew Chadwickpygtkcompat: allow PyGTK mode to be turned on
2013-03-20 Andrew Chadwickgtk3: sort out imports ready for conversion
2013-03-20 Andrew Chadwicklayerswindow: add standard copyright notice
2013-03-18 Andrew Chadwickbuild, runtime: use GTK3 by default
2013-03-17 Andrew Chadwickstartup: add support for XDG user config dirs
2013-03-17 Andrew Chadwickscratchpad: remove palette rendering code
2013-03-16 Andrew Chadwickthumbnails: use GIO to make canonical URIs
2013-03-16 Andrew Chadwickhelpers: tests for escape() + minor comment fixes
2013-03-08 Andrew Chadwickpreview: look-and-feel improvements
2013-03-08 Andrew Chadwickdoc: minor parameter naming thing
2013-03-08 Andrew Chadwickdoc: notify view-change obs after size-allocate
2013-03-08 Andrew Chadwickdoc: use real constants for rotate, zoom, & center
2013-03-08 Andrew Chadwickdoc: fix regression in fit-view toggle
2013-03-06 Andrew Chadwickdoc: call view-change observers in idler
2013-03-02 Andrew Chadwicktdw: remove redundant observer interfaces
2013-03-02 Andrew Chadwickpreview window: get ready for integration
2013-03-02 Andrew Chadwicktdw: remove unused code
2013-03-02 Andrew Chadwicktdw: allow centering on model coords
2013-03-02 Andrew Chadwickmypaint.xml: remove misleading comment
2013-03-02 Andrew Chadwickview-changed events: add an observers interface
2013-03-02 Andrew Chadwickgui/doc: allow at-pointer zoom+rotate overrides
2013-03-02 Andrew Chadwickvarious: minor docstring/comment/whitespace fixups
2013-03-02 Andrew Chadwickicons: add icon for preview subwindow
2013-03-02 Andrew Chadwickicons: put the mypaint SVGs in a template
2013-03-02 Ali LownAlmost fix preview mouse with rotation
2013-03-02 Ali LownFix preview overlay mouse drag scaling
2013-03-02 Ali LownFix overlay drawing during rotation
2013-03-02 Ali LownImplement basic mouse move-drag support
2013-03-02 Ali LownFix rotation of preview window to the correct direction
2013-03-02 Ali LownAttempt to add dragging scroll to preview
2013-03-02 Ali LownRe-centre overlay rotation
2013-03-02 Ali LownComment tidying
2013-03-02 Ali LownImplement movement observers -> works better now
2013-03-02 Ali LownAdd overlay box with rotation support
2013-03-02 Andrew Chadwickpreview: use effective bbox; reduce rescale freq.
2013-03-02 Ali LownImplement auto-center/zoom for preview window
2013-03-02 Ali LownImplement Preview Window using TiledDrawWidget
2013-03-02 Ali LownImplement auto-center/zoom for preview window
2013-03-02 Ali LownImplement Preview Window using TiledDrawWidget
2013-02-27 Andrew Chadwickprefs: allow color wheel layout to be altered
2013-02-27 Andrew Chadwickcolors: clear wheel background when layout changes
2013-02-27 Andrew Chadwickprefs: code style changes
2013-02-25 Andrew Chadwickmask editor: update New dialog, allow luma changes
2013-02-25 Andrew Chadwickcolors: minor docs fix
2013-02-25 Andrew Chadwickcolors: support for RYB and RYGB color wheels
2013-02-25 Andrew Chadwickuicolor: fix hcycolor init + testcase
2013-02-25 Andrew Chadwickcolors/ correct docstring typo
2013-02-20 Jon NordbyBuild: Fix missing -D before "HAVE_GETTEXT" in compile...
2013-02-17 Jon NordbyBuild: Add option for enabling i18n for brushlib
2013-02-17 Sebastien Leonbrushlib: Fix various compile errors under MSVC
2013-02-17 Sebastien Leonbrushlib: Fix some compile warnings
2013-02-17 Sebastien Leonbrushlib: Make gettext optional
2013-02-17 Sebastien LeonBuild: Don´t do run "rm " commands on Windows
2013-01-31 Andrew Chadwickprefs window: fix potential exception
2013-01-31 Andrew Chadwickfreehand cursors: add presets, add crosshair style
2013-01-27 mdiasbrushlib: rewrite antialiasing approximation
2013-01-21 Manuel Quiñonesbrushlib: Add GIR files in build directory to g-ir...
2013-01-21 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Missing include of stdlib.h for size_t
2013-01-21 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Update example with recent progress