See you on the flip side master
authorAndrew Chadwick <>
Sun, 27 Jul 2014 20:19:04 +0000 (21:19 +0100)
committerAndrew Chadwick <>
Sun, 27 Jul 2014 20:19:04 +0000 (21:19 +0100)
See you on the flip side

libmypaint has moved to Github; this commit replaces everything with a
message explaining how to follow us across, reproduced here:


Here's how to update your local repository to point to the new place:

    $ cd ../somewhere-else
    $ git clone


    $ git checkout -b move-message-20140727
    $ git branch -D master
    $ git remote remove origin
    $ git remote add origin
    $ git fetch origin
    $ git checkout --track origin/master

119 files changed:
.gitignore [deleted file]
.travis.yml [deleted file]
COPYING [deleted file]
PERFORMANCE [deleted file]
README [new file with mode: 0644] [deleted file]
SConscript [deleted file]
SConstruct [deleted file]
TODO [deleted file] [deleted file]
appveyor.yml [deleted file]
brushmodes.c [deleted file]
brushmodes.h [deleted file]
brushsettings-gen.h [deleted file]
brushsettings.json [deleted file] [deleted file]
doc/.gitignore [deleted file]
doc/Doxyfile [deleted file]
doc/SConscript [deleted file]
doc/images/brushdab_geometry.odg [deleted file]
doc/images/brushdab_saturation.png [deleted file]
doc/images/brushlib_concept.odg [deleted file]
doc/images/rendered_dab_whitbg.png [deleted file]
doc/images/smudge_math.png [deleted file]
doc/images/stroke2dabs.png [deleted file]
doc/images/stroke2dabs.svg [deleted file]
doc/scripts/ [deleted file]
doc/source/ [deleted file]
doc/source/index.rst [deleted file]
examples/ [deleted file]
examples/minimal.c [deleted file]
fifo.c [deleted file]
fifo.h [deleted file]
gegl/mypaint-gegl-surface.c [deleted file]
gegl/mypaint-gegl-surface.h [deleted file] [deleted file]
glib/mypaint-brush.c [deleted file]
glib/mypaint-brush.h [deleted file]
glib/mypaint-gegl-glib.c [deleted file]
glib/mypaint-gegl-glib.h [deleted file]
helpers.c [deleted file]
helpers.h [deleted file]
libmypaint.c [deleted file]
mapping.c [deleted file]
mapping.h [deleted file]
mypaint-brush-settings-gen.h [deleted file]
mypaint-brush-settings.c [deleted file]
mypaint-brush-settings.h [deleted file]
mypaint-brush.c [deleted file]
mypaint-brush.h [deleted file]
mypaint-config.h [deleted file] [deleted file]
mypaint-fixed-tiled-surface.c [deleted file]
mypaint-fixed-tiled-surface.h [deleted file]
mypaint-glib-compat.h [deleted file]
mypaint-rectangle.c [deleted file]
mypaint-rectangle.h [deleted file]
mypaint-surface.c [deleted file]
mypaint-surface.h [deleted file]
mypaint-tiled-surface.c [deleted file]
mypaint-tiled-surface.h [deleted file]
mypaint.c [deleted file]
mypaint.h [deleted file]
operationqueue.c [deleted file]
operationqueue.h [deleted file] [deleted file]
po/README [deleted file]
po/SConscript [deleted file]
po/cs.po [deleted file]
po/de.po [deleted file]
po/en_CA.po [deleted file]
po/es.po [deleted file]
po/fr.po [deleted file]
po/hu.po [deleted file]
po/id.po [deleted file]
po/it.po [deleted file]
po/ja.po [deleted file]
po/ko.po [deleted file]
po/nb.po [deleted file]
po/nn_NO.po [deleted file]
po/pl.po [deleted file]
po/pt_BR.po [deleted file]
po/ro.po [deleted file]
po/ru.po [deleted file]
po/sl.po [deleted file]
po/sv.po [deleted file]
po/uk.po [deleted file]
po/zh_CN.po [deleted file]
po/zh_TW.po [deleted file]
rng-double.c [deleted file]
rng-double.h [deleted file]
tests/.gitignore [deleted file]
tests/SConscript [deleted file]
tests/brushes/bulk.myb [deleted file]
tests/brushes/charcoal.myb [deleted file]
tests/brushes/coarse_bulk_2.myb [deleted file]
tests/brushes/impressionism.myb [deleted file]
tests/brushes/modelling.myb [deleted file]
tests/ [deleted file]
tests/events/painting30sec.dat [deleted file]
tests/gegl/test-gegl-surface.c [deleted file]
tests/mypaint-benchmark.c [deleted file]
tests/mypaint-benchmark.h [deleted file]
tests/mypaint-test-surface.c [deleted file]
tests/mypaint-test-surface.h [deleted file]
tests/mypaint-utils-stroke-player.c [deleted file]
tests/mypaint-utils-stroke-player.h [deleted file]
tests/test-brush-persistence.c [deleted file]
tests/test-details.c [deleted file]
tests/test-fixed-tiled-surface.c [deleted file]
tests/test-rng.c [deleted file]
tests/ [deleted file]
tests/testutils.c [deleted file]
tests/testutils.h [deleted file]
tiled-surface-private.h [deleted file]
tilemap.c [deleted file]
tilemap.h [deleted file]
utils.c [deleted file]
utils.h [deleted file]