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last changeSun, 27 Jul 2014 20:19:04 +0000 (21:19 +0100)
2014-07-27 Andrew ChadwickSee you on the flip side master
2014-07-23 Andrew ChadwickReally use /usr/local by default, even on darwin
2014-07-23 Andrew ChadwickNormalize "// DO NOT EDIT" comments
2014-07-21 Andrew ChadwickSCons/darwin: no openmp, prefix, default strings
2014-07-19 Martin Renoldconditional #define M_PI
2014-07-18 Jon NordbyAppveyor: Fix build, setup Mingw
2014-07-18 Jon Nordbyexamples: Fix compile error
2014-07-18 Jon NordbyRevert "build: rm products from tree, fix .gitignore"
2014-07-18 Jon Nordbyappveyor: Add initial CI config for Windows
2014-07-13 Jon NordbyTravis: Also run tests
2014-07-13 Jon NordbyMerge pull request #3 from Jehan/master
2014-07-13 Jon NordbyAdd Travis CI build status to README
2014-07-13 Jon NordbyFix compatibility with json-c <= 0.10
2014-07-13 JehanFixing broken gegl_buffer_set() call in libmypaint...
2014-07-13 Jon NordbyTravis: Install json-c dependency from repos
2014-07-13 Jon NordbyConvert README file to Markdown
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