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last changeSat, 25 Jan 2014 00:06:24 +0000 (01:06 +0100)
2014-01-25 dmdDon't include brushlib test in MSVC project master
2014-01-25 dmdImprove minimal example
2014-01-22 dmdAdd brushlib MSVC 2013 solution and projects
2014-01-22 dmdFix example, drop completely broken utils
2014-01-21 dmdRemove MSVC errors on const after if
2014-01-21 dmdRemove MSVC compile errors on inline keyword
2014-01-15 Andrew ChadwickUpdate README: librsvg dep.; remove gtk3 notes
2014-01-14 Manuel QuiƱonesImprove GEGL example
2014-01-12 Jon Nordbydoc: Update PERFORMANCE with possible GPU-based processing
2014-01-12 Jon Nordbydoc: Update PEFORMANCE with possible mipmapped renderin...
2014-01-05 Andrew Chadwickprefs: UI updates; large toolbar icons by default
2014-01-05 Andrew Chadwickicons: some updates
2014-01-05 Andrew Chadwickresources: replace stock with named symbolic icons
2014-01-05 Andrew Chadwickprefs: add dark theme variant, toolbar size config
2014-01-05 Andrew Chadwickprefs: move slowness note to tooltip
2014-01-05 Andrew Chadwicktoolbar: reorganize tools
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