colors: minor docs fix
[mypaint:achadwick-mypaint.git] / gui / colors /
2013-02-25 Andrew Chadwickcolors: minor docs fix
2013-02-25 Andrew Chadwickcolors: support for RYB and RYGB color wheels
2013-01-09 Andrew Chadwickgtk3: enable scroll events
2012-11-02 Andrew Chadwickcolor history: fix most-recent adjuster
2012-10-06 John WatsonFixed color history regression
2012-07-30 Andrew Chadwickwheel adjusters: notches
2012-07-30 Andrew Chadwickcolor adjusters: modifiers should do 1 thing only
2012-07-30 Andrew Chadwickcolor sels: minor cosmetic stuff
2012-07-20 Andrew Chadwickcolors: get broadly working with pygtkcompat-gtk3
2012-07-05 Andrew Chadwickprev/current adjuster: minor layout fix
2012-07-05 Andrew Chadwickcolor selectors: add more tooltips
2012-07-05 Andrew Chadwickpalettes: default from file, add palettes dir
2012-07-05 Andrew Chadwickadjs: limit double-click details dialog to subset
2012-07-05 Andrew Chadwickadjusters: H, C, or Y tweaks with button-!1 drags
2012-07-05 Andrew Chadwickcolor sels: merge & revamp; palettes & gamut masks