Build: Add option for enabling i18n for brushlib
[mypaint:achadwick-mypaint.git] / SConstruct
2013-02-17 Jon NordbyBuild: Add option for enabling i18n for brushlib
2013-02-17 Sebastien LeonBuild: DonĀ“t do run "rm " commands on Windows
2013-01-15 Andrew ChadwickSConstruct: use LDFLAGS during SHLINK
2012-12-16 Martin Renoldbuild: another attempt to fix on gentoo
2012-12-15 Martin Renoldbuild: add python_binary=xxx scons option
2012-12-15 Martin Renoldfix scons problems with old files lying around
2012-12-09 Jon NordbyBuild: Prepend -lmypaint... to -lm -ljson
2012-12-09 Jon NordbyBuild: Use position independent code also for static...
2012-11-22 Jon Nordbybuild: Add option to enable OpenMP based multithreading
2012-09-23 Jon NordbyBuild: Add explicit dependency on brushlib for application
2012-09-23 Clayton WalkerUpdate build files to work on osx.
2012-09-16 Jon Nordbybuild: Add -O3 to CFLAGS when not building in debug...
2012-07-20 Andrew Chadwicktdw/pixbufsurface: more gtk3 compat
2012-07-13 Andrew ChadwickSConstruct: profiling debug symbols on by default
2012-07-11 Andrew ChadwickSConstruct: make debugging optional
2012-07-11 Martin Renoldcompile with debug information (-g)
2012-07-04 Andrew ChadwickSConstruct: add feature test macro for strdup()
2012-06-19 Jon Nordbybrushlib/tests: Add helper functions for profiling...
2012-06-14 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Add documentation build
2012-06-04 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Allow to build gobject introspection bindings
2012-06-01 Jon NordbyBuild: Allow to use C99
2012-05-31 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Generate and install pkg-config files
2012-05-31 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Allow to build new MyPaintGeglTiledSurface
2012-05-20 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Look up brushsettings.json also for installed...
2012-05-20 Jon NordbyBuild: Move build code specific to application to ...
2012-05-19 Jon NordbyBuild: Allow to build only brushlib by using scons...
2012-05-19 Jon NordbyBuild: Use separate environments for _mypaintlib and...
2012-05-19 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Install new library, and look up its path...
2012-05-19 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Build as separate library, link into _mypaintlib
2012-05-19 Jon NordbyEnable -Wall also when building C code
2012-05-17 Jon Nordbybrushlib: Convert the brush interface to C
2012-04-07 Andrew Chadwicklcms2: transforms on load; groundwork for save
2011-12-07 Martin Renoldmacos: build fix
2011-08-17 Andrew Chadwickbuild: reinstate chmod on launcher script
2011-08-15 Andrew Chadwickinstall: fix prefix perms, detext sandboxing
2011-08-14 Andrew Chadwickinstall: set permissions on the shared lib too
2011-08-14 Andrew Chadwickinstall: docs, and set permissions via postactions
2011-08-01 Martin Renoldfix 'scons install'
2011-07-31 Martin Renoldfix 'scons install'
2011-06-18 Martin Renoldwin32: fix build
2011-06-12 Martin Renoldbrushlib: refactor get_color
2011-03-04 Tumagonxwindows: misc fixes, change thumbnails directory
2011-02-27 Martin Renoldwindows: build fix
2010-12-28 Andrzej GiniewiczUse correct version of python for
2010-10-23 Jon NordbyRevert "Add GNOME/Nautilus OpenRaster thumbnailer"
2010-10-10 Jon NordbyAdd GNOME/Nautilus OpenRaster thumbnailer
2010-10-10 Jon NordbyBuild: Fail when not finding files to install
2010-06-14 Martin Renoldbuild: fix another wrong python-config call
2010-06-02 Martin Renoldspeedup saving PNG/ORA factor two
2010-02-20 Martin Renoldbuild: some darvin specific stuff
2010-01-12 Martin Renoldbuild: windows/mingw fix
2010-01-08 Martin Renoldbuild: add *.pyc to clean target
2009-11-27 Martin Renoldbuild: remove SCons 0.97 compatibility trick
2009-09-13 Martin Renoldwindows: add tools=['mingw']
2009-09-07 Martin Renoldfix mypaint.desktop and installation of icons
2009-09-02 Jon Nordbygui: move menu definition to separate file
2009-08-29 Martin Renoldenable assertions with "scons debug=true"
2009-08-21 Martin Renoldfix building of translations
2009-08-19 Martin RenoldMerge branch 'i18n' (with cleaned-up commits)
2009-08-19 Ilya PortnovStart i18n.
2009-07-09 Martin Renold[perftests] clean things up a bit
2009-07-09 Jon Nordbybasic principle for rewrite in order to enable out...
2009-07-04 Martin RenoldAdd plus sign to big background patterns
2009-06-14 Martin Renoldstronger "do not edit" warning in generated file
2009-06-13 Martin Renoldcleanup minor relict
2009-06-08 Martin Renoldcreate non-existing prefix on 'scons install'
2009-06-07 Martin Renoldshut up SCons warnings
2009-06-04 Martin Renoldrequire only SCons 1.0
2009-06-01 Martin Renoldreport nicer error with outdated SCons version
2009-05-23 Martin Renoldmore tolerant search for python*-config; comment cleanups
2009-03-20 Martin Renoldmoved commandline parsing into and renamed...
2009-02-28 Martin Renolddo not use pythonX.Y-config since it's distribution...
2009-01-25 Martin Renoldmore 'scons install' and desktop stuff; shebang the...
2009-01-10 Martin Renoldreorganizing startupscript
2008-12-29 Martin Renoldwork-in-progress "scons install" stuff
2008-12-29 Martin Renolduntabify SCons files
2008-12-07 Martin Renoldget numpy path with numpy.get_include() at build time
2008-12-01 Martin Renoldsmudge math reworked
2008-11-23 Martin Renoldbrushlib splitoff (moved some code from lib into brushlib)
2008-11-22 Clement SkauEdits and file to make Win building easier. Auto build...
2008-11-12 Clement SkauM trunk/lib/SConscript
2008-10-20 Martin Renoldenable assertions again (python-config did disable...
2008-10-11 Martin Renoldseparate lib/ and gui/ directory
2008-03-24 Martin Renoldremove old pygtk gobject code, C modules only depending...
2008-03-24 Martin Renoldlots of changes, mainly wiring the new tilelayer code...
2008-03-13 Martin Renoldrename tilelib stuff
2008-03-02 Martin Renoldmore extremely experimental stuff (tilelib + working...
2008-02-24 Martin Renoldfix "from scratch" scons build
2008-02-24 Martin Renoldsimplify SConstruct a bit
2008-02-24 Martin Renoldadded experimental SConstruct