layers: save+load locked+selected states in ORA
[mypaint:achadwick-mypaint.git] / lib /
2012-03-25 Andrew Chadwicklayers: save+load locked+selected states in ORA
2012-03-05 Martin Renoldget rid of RGB pixel format, use RGBU instead
2012-02-27 Richard JonesLines, Curves, and Ellipses
2012-01-25 Martin Renoldstrokemap: don't record two brushes as one stroke
2011-12-09 Andrew Chadwicklayer move: make undoable, distance weighting etc
2011-12-09 Andrew Chadwickmove layer: initial implementation
2011-11-20 Martin Renoldload_ora: add feedback_cb
2011-11-20 Martin Renoldload_ora: load png layers faster, use less memory
2011-10-03 Jon NordbyMove stroke_to() implementation into Layer
2011-10-03 Jon NordbyMove COMPOSITE_OPT definitions to lib/
2011-10-03 Jon NordbyMake TiledSurface an internal member of Layer
2011-09-29 Andrew Chadwickdoc: fix a hardcoded composite op name
2011-09-24 Andrew Chadwickcomposite ops: fixups and gui stuff
2011-09-24 sigetchlayer compositing: op naming: use "svg:src-over"
2011-09-24 sigetchlayer compositing: svg op naming, rgba-on-rgba
2011-09-24 sigetchlayer composite ops: initial implementation
2011-09-12 Ferry Jérémieduplicate layer button
2011-08-30 Martin Renoldbrusheditor: don't undo non-strokes for live update
2011-08-01 Andrew Chadwickcommand stack: add an observer interface
2011-08-01 Martin Renoldrename "trash" --> "junk"
2011-08-01 Martin Renoldallow to save empty documents
2011-07-31 Andrew Chadwickcommand stack: add an observer interface
2011-07-27 Martin Renoldrename "trash" --> "junk"
2011-07-24 Martin Renoldallow to save empty documents
2011-07-15 Ben O'SteenMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-07-09 Andrew Chadwicklayers tool: redo as a gtk list
2011-07-08 Martin Renoldsave_ora: fix translation of rendered background
2011-05-16 Martin Renoldrefactor brush observer code and its users
2011-03-13 Andrew Chadwickdrawwindow: make whole UI insensitive in file ops
2011-03-13 Andrew Chadwickfilehandling: permit feedback while saving
2011-03-01 Andrew Chadwicklayer lock: prevent accidental selection & drawing
2011-02-17 Jon Nordbyframe: Render thumbnail only for framed area.
2011-02-17 Jon Nordbyframe: Save to/load from OpenRaster
2011-02-17 Jon Nordbyframe: Ability to move frame on-canvas.
2011-02-17 Jon Nordbyframe: If enabled, export only area inside frame to...
2011-02-17 Jon Nordbyframe: State and visualization
2011-01-30 Martin Renoldthumbnails: 256x256 preview, 20% faster saving
2011-01-22 Martin Renoldload_ora: fix for utf-8 filenames, again
2011-01-22 Griatchload_ora: fix for utf-8 filenames
2010-08-27 Martin Renoldstrokemap: optimize save_ora, get rid of protobuf library
2010-08-15 Martin Renoldsave_ora: use mipmap when generating thumbnail
2010-08-15 Martin Renoldsaving: optimization, process tile scanlines
2010-07-18 Ilya PortnovBugfix: proper arguments for stroke_to when drawing...
2010-07-18 Ilya PortnovMove tilt angles calculation to C++.
2010-07-18 Ilya PortnovAdd stylus tilt support.
2010-06-02 Martin Renoldspeedup saving PNG/ORA factor two
2010-05-04 Jon NordbyFix undo/redo bug with visibility
2010-05-04 Jon NordbyOpenRaster: don't manipulate layer attributes directly
2010-05-04 Jon NordbyCleaner way to set visibility of the layer.
2010-05-03 Jon NordbyOpenRaster: save/load layer visibility attribute
2010-02-20 Martin Renoldmake "save png" respect layer visibility
2010-02-20 Martin Renoldnicer error when loading corrupt file
2010-01-29 Jon Nordbylayerwin: Fix loading layer names from ORA file
2010-01-24 Martin Renoldlayers: more robust remove/merge actions
2010-01-19 Jon NordbyFix missing import leading to nasty exceptions.
2010-01-03 Martin Renoldmerge colorsampler from iportnov branch (step 2/2)
2010-01-03 Jon NordbyRemove a seemingly uneccesary hack.
2010-01-03 Jon NordbyFix updating of layer dialog on undo/redo.
2010-01-03 Ilya PortnovLayer dialog by Ilya Portnov
2009-12-13 Martin Renoldpylint code cleanup
2009-12-13 Martin Renoldrefactor brush/groups file handling
2009-10-03 Martin Renoldora: fix loading x=,y= stack attributes
2009-10-03 Ilya PortnovSupport x=,y= attributes of <stack> tag.
2009-10-03 Ilya PortnovSupport reading layers tree (grouped layers) from ...
2009-09-20 Martin Renoldsave strokemap into ora (to pick brush from canvas)
2009-09-05 Martin Renoldsave/load position of background tile correctly
2009-08-29 Martin Renold16bit compositing (step 2/2)
2009-08-29 Martin Renold16bit compositing (step 1/2)
2009-08-19 Martin RenoldMerge branch 'i18n' (with cleaned-up commits)
2009-08-15 Martin Renoldimplemented straight lines (with shift)
2009-08-14 Martin Renoldremove obsolete comments
2009-08-14 Martin Renoldsave background tile with image
2009-07-31 Martin Renoldfixed setting of default background
2009-07-25 Martin Renoldsupport multifile PNG save (all layers)
2009-07-24 Martin Renoldfix saving of solid PNGs
2009-07-21 Martin Renoldwin32: fix bug when overwriting .ora files
2009-07-19 Jon Nordbybetter errors on saving with insufficient space
2009-07-12 Martin RenoldFix "merge layer down"
2009-07-12 Alinson SantosMipmapping, faster zoom out
2009-07-11 Martin RenoldLayer opacity and merging undo/redo
2009-07-06 Martin RenoldMinor code cleanups
2009-07-05 Alinson SantosLayer opacity support
2009-07-04 Martin RenoldAllow different background sizes (N*64)x(M*64)
2009-07-02 Martin RenoldImplement stroke picking from canvas
2009-06-27 Martin Renoldremoving dead code
2009-06-21 Martin Renoldfix failing unittest
2009-06-19 Martin Renoldsmall OpenRaster format updates
2009-06-16 Jon Nordbyimplemented SaveLoadError for nice and consistent error...
2009-06-15 Jon Nordbymove handling of unexpected file arguments into documen...
2009-06-06 Martin Renoldupdate the display after undo/redoing a layer deletion
2009-05-31 Martin RenoldFixed a rendering glitch with layer solo and solid...
2009-05-28 Martin Renoldspeedup pixel conversion (testcase: openraster loading...
2009-05-28 Martin Renolddebug print save/load ora timings; other minor changes
2009-05-27 Martin Renoldadd thumbnail images when saving OpenRaster
2009-05-26 Martin Renoldadd option to save PNG with transparency (bug #13554)
2009-05-26 Martin Renoldsave dialog code improved; default format is now OpenRa...
2009-05-25 Martin Renold[save/load] Moved dithering implementation from python...
2009-05-23 Martin RenoldSet PNG compression level to 2. Results with big test...
2009-04-20 Martin Renoldcolor history popup (unpolished, but works)
2009-04-16 Martin Renolddo not add an empty layer after loading an OpenRaster...