2012-04-04 Zeno Gantnerwebsite updates v3.0
2012-04-04 Zeno Gantnerchange release date to April 5
2012-04-04 Zeno Gantnerversion number: 3.00 -> 3.0
2012-04-04 Zeno Gantnerupdate website for release 3.0
2012-04-04 Zeno GantnerSocialMF: fix wrong 'social regularization' gradient...
2012-04-03 Zeno Gantnerupdate Changes file
2012-04-03 Zeno GantnerUserKNN: item-wise access
2012-04-03 Zeno GantnerKNN: k=inf -> k=80
2012-04-03 Zeno Gantnerwebsite: start preparation of release (not 100% done...
2012-03-31 Zeno Gantnerupdate (c) in doc template
2012-03-31 Zeno Gantnerfix temporarily introduced 'out of sync' problem
2012-03-31 Zeno Gantnerdatabase access: introduce GetFloatGetter() to retrieve...
2012-03-31 Zeno Gantnerupdate version number in MappingItemPrediction
2012-03-31 Zeno Gantnerbump version number
2012-03-31 Zeno Gantnerfix unit test
2012-03-31 Zeno Gantnerfix #78: '--recommender-options=option= leads to exception'
2012-03-31 Zeno GantnerUtil.Recommender: more compact code
2012-03-31 Zeno GantnerUtil.RecommenderParameters: get rid of redundant constr...
2012-03-31 Zeno Gantnerget rid of MyMediaLiteExperimental
2012-03-31 Zeno Gantnerget rid of IKDDCupRecommender: not used at all
2012-03-31 Zeno Gantnerget rid of directories in MyMediaLiteExperimental
2012-03-31 Zeno Gantnerget rid of --filtered-evaluation
2012-03-31 Zeno GantnerBPRLinear: rm newlines
2012-03-31 Zeno GantnerBPRLinear: get rid of iteration_length
2012-03-31 Zeno Gantnerrating prediction: fix some incorrect statements in...
2012-03-31 Zeno GantnerNelderMead: fix bug in center computation, reported...
2012-03-31 Zeno GantnerRatingData.Read: EntityMapping -> IEntityMapping
2012-03-30 Zeno use less memory
2012-03-30 Zeno more accurateo output
2012-03-30 Zeno more options
2012-03-30 Zeno Gantnerwebsite: add AFM result
2012-03-30 Zeno use tabs as separators
2012-03-30 Zeno fix typo
2012-03-30 Zeno Gantneradd
2012-03-30 Zeno Gantnerupdate Changes file
2012-03-30 Zeno Gantner(Sigmoid)SVDPlusPlus: implement ComputeObjective()...
2012-03-30 Zeno GantnerSigmoidItemAsymmetricFactorModel: add ComputeObjective()
2012-03-30 Zeno GantnerSigmoidItemAsymmetricFactorModel: more fine-grained...
2012-03-29 Zeno Gantneradd new rating predictor SigmoidItemAsymmetricFactorModel
2012-03-29 Zeno ratings->events
2012-03-29 Zeno more date/time tweaks
2012-03-29 Zeno fix computation of year
2012-03-29 Zeno handle timestamps
2012-03-29 Zeno Gantneradd
2012-03-29 Zeno Gantneradd
2012-03-28 Zeno GantnerREADME: add C5 link
2012-03-28 Zeno Gantneradd two more KDD Cup 2012 scripts, update validation...
2012-03-28 Zeno Gantnerclarify names in KDD Cup 2012 eval script
2012-03-27 Zeno Gantnerspeed up item recommendation
2012-03-27 Zeno Gantneradd C5 license info
2012-03-27 Zeno Gantneradd C5 license info
2012-03-27 Zeno Gantneradd C5 library
2012-03-27 Zeno GantnerRatingPredictor.KNN: NumIter attribute for the underlyi...
2012-03-27 Zeno Gantneradd 3 helper scripts for KDD Cup 2012
2012-03-27 Zeno Gantneruse Func<>
2012-03-26 Zeno Gantnerspeed up RatingPrediction.ItemKNN
2012-03-24 Zeno Gantnerrating prediction tool: support --prediction-line=ranking
2012-03-24 Zeno Gantnerrating prediction tool: indentation
2012-03-24 Zeno Gantnerupdate Changes
2012-03-24 Zeno GantnerFileSerializer: CanWrite()
2012-03-24 Zeno GantnerTimedRatingData: improve format check
2012-03-24 Zeno Gantnersmall fix in test script
2012-03-23 Zeno Gantneradd first results for epinions to website
2012-03-23 Zeno Gantnergeneralize parts of ComputeObjective()
2012-03-23 Zeno Gantnerfirst step to make the loss part of ComputeObjective...
2012-03-23 Zeno Gantneradd Should() and CanWrite() methods to FileSerializer
2012-03-23 Zeno GantnerSocialMF: optimize different losses
2012-03-23 Zeno GantnerSocialMF: compute product only once (does not lead...
2012-03-23 Zeno GantnerSocialMF: comment improvements, code legibility
2012-03-23 Zeno GantnerSocialMF: get rid of property accesses in loop conditions
2012-03-23 Zeno GantnerSocialMF: fix bias gradient computation and update...
2012-03-23 Zeno GantnerSocialMF: more elegant expression of update step
2012-03-23 Zeno GantnerSocialMF: 50% speed up
2012-03-23 Zeno GantnerSocialMF: only go once over the user's neighbors
2012-03-23 Zeno GantnerSocialMF: use base.InitModel()
2012-03-23 Zeno GantnerMF: make InitModel() more exception safe
2012-03-23 Zeno GantnerSocialMF: save some multiplications in ComputeObjective()
2012-03-23 Zeno GantnerSocialMF: add bold driver
2012-03-22 Zeno GantnerSigmoidSocialMF -> SocialMF; get rid of the SocialMF...
2012-03-22 Zeno GantnerSigmoidSocialMF: complete ComputeObjective()
2012-03-22 Zeno Gantner(Sigmoid)SocialMF: fix gradient computation
2012-03-22 Zeno Gantnerwebsite: add documentation/database.html
2012-03-22 Zeno Gantnerfix Java port link
2012-03-21 Zeno Gantnerfaster tests
2012-03-21 Zeno Gantnerthreshold: double -> float; locale-independent filename
2012-03-21 Zeno Gantneritem recommendation test: make faster
2012-03-21 Zeno Gantneradd fast binary loading for positive-only feedback...
2012-03-21 Zeno GantnerIO.TimedRatingData: add fast binary loading
2012-03-21 Zeno GantnerIO.MovieLensRatingData: add fast binary loading
2012-03-21 Zeno GantnerData.StaticRatings: rm empty line
2012-03-21 Zeno Gantnerrating prediction cool: default rating type is FLOAT
2012-03-21 Zeno Gantnerget rid of init_stddev and init_mean in the ToString...
2012-03-21 Zeno Gantnerupdate Changes file
2012-03-21 Zeno Gantnerrating data I/O: do (de)serialization if there are...
2012-03-21 Zeno GantnerStatic(Byte)Ratings: another serialization fix
2012-03-21 Zeno Gantnermake EntityMapping serializable
2012-03-21 Zeno Gantnerrating prediction test script: 5 to 3 minutes
2012-03-21 Zeno Gantnerfix de-serialization of Static(Byte)Ratings
2012-03-21 Zeno Gantneritem recommendation tool: make class static
2012-03-21 Zeno Gantnerrating prediction tool: simplify LoadData(); make class...