2012-01-14 Zeno Gantnerwebsite: usage version 2.03 v2.03
2012-01-14 Zeno Gantnerwebsite: version 2.03
2012-01-14 Zeno GantnerLogisticRegressionMatrixFactorization: formatting
2012-01-14 Zeno Gantnerwebsite update TODO list and Changes
2012-01-14 Zeno GantnerLogisticRegressionMatrixFactorization: proper loss...
2012-01-14 Zeno GantnerEval.Ratings: improve comment
2012-01-14 Zeno GantnerEval.Ratings: remove debugging output
2012-01-14 Zeno Gantnerremove unnecessary item from release checklist
2012-01-14 Zeno Gantneradd LogisticRegressionMatrixFactorization to the integr...
2012-01-14 Zeno Gantnerfix computation of CBD for the case when the rating...
2012-01-14 Zeno Gantneronline updates: also support CBD measure
2012-01-14 Zeno GantnerLogisticRegressionMatrixFactorization: improve API doc
2012-01-14 Zeno Gantnerwebsite: update some results
2012-01-14 Zeno Gantneradd new recommender LogisticRegressionMatrixFactorization
2012-01-13 Zeno GantnerFactorWiseMatrixFactorization: improve API doc
2012-01-13 Zeno Gantneradd option --ignore-line-regex=REGEX to
2012-01-13 Zeno GantnerKDDTrack2: formatting
2012-01-13 Zeno GantnerUserAttributeKNN: change formatting, update (c) year
2012-01-12 Zeno Gantneradd new rating prediction measure: capped binomial...
2012-01-12 Zeno Gantnerscript updates
2012-01-11 Zeno Gantnercompute_fit bugfix in KDD Cup track 2 tool
2012-01-11 Zeno Gantnerimprove visualization script
2012-01-11 Zeno Gantnerdata types: some code clean-up
2012-01-11 Zeno GantnerPosOnlyFeedback.cs: formatting, (c) year
2012-01-10 Zeno Gantneradd script for iteration/epoch visualization
2012-01-10 Zeno GantnerKDD Cup tools: align a bit with main programs
2012-01-10 Zeno GantnerBPRMF: update (c) year
2012-01-10 Zeno GantnerBPRMF: rm comma from ToString() output
2012-01-10 Zeno Gantnerupdate years/dates
2012-01-09 Zeno Gantnerfix bug in UserItemBaseline
2011-12-23 Zeno Gantner#51: mark iterative and incremental recommenders in...
2011-12-23 Zeno Gantner#145: move index-related methods from (I)Ratings to...
2011-12-23 Zeno Gantnerupdate Changes file
2011-12-23 Zeno Gantneradd interface IUserSimilarityProvider and let the UserK...
2011-12-23 Zeno Gantneradd interface IItemSimilarityProvider and let the ItemK...
2011-12-23 Zeno Gantnerfix #158: separate API doc package
2011-12-23 Zeno GantnerNelderMead: code formatting
2011-12-23 Zeno Gantnermove namespace HyperParameter from experimental to...
2011-12-23 Zeno GantnerRatingPrediction.UserKNN: code formatting
2011-12-23 Zeno GantnerSparseMatrix: remove unnecessary using statement
2011-12-22 Zeno Gantnerfix race condition and #75
2011-12-22 Zeno Gantnersave MyMediaLite version with model file
2011-12-22 Zeno Gantneradd ComputeFit() for item recommendation
2011-12-22 Zeno Gantnercommand line programs: simplify code a tiny bit
2011-12-22 Zeno Gantnerfix #72: ComputeFit() -> ComputeLoss()
2011-12-22 Zeno Gantnermulti-core MF: rename num_groups to max_threads
2011-12-22 Zeno Gantnersome more fixes and cleanup
2011-12-22 Zeno Gantnermove KDD Cup related stuff and Diversification from...
2011-12-22 Zeno Gantnermove KDD Cup related stuff and Diversification from...
2011-12-22 Zeno Gantnerwebsite: more rating dataset results
2011-12-22 Zeno Gantnerfix #160: incremental updates for average rating predictors
2011-12-22 Zeno GantnerBiasedMatrixFactorization: code arrangement
2011-12-22 Zeno Gantnerfix error message when using --online-evaluation with...
2011-12-22 Zeno GantnerBPRLinear: fix ToString()
2011-12-22 Zeno Gantnercomplete BPR_Linear to BPRLinear rename
2011-12-21 Zeno Gantner#161: rename BPR_Linear to BPRLinear
2011-12-21 Zeno Gantnerupdate Changes file
2011-12-21 Zeno GantnerMono: use --gc=sgen for modern garbage collector -...
2011-12-21 Zeno Gantnerwebsite: add KDD Cup 2011 example
2011-12-21 Zeno Gantner#171 implement random and constant rating predictors
2011-12-21 Zeno Gantnerrating prediction: fix usage
2011-12-21 Zeno Gantner#173: remove target 'source-package' in Makefile
2011-12-21 Zeno GantnerFactorwiseMatrixFactorization: add properties RegU...
2011-12-21 Zeno Gantnermove several recommenders from experimental to normal
2011-12-21 Zeno Gantnerupdate Changes file
2011-12-21 Zeno GantnerUtil.Random: re-create instance when setting seed
2011-12-21 Zeno Gantnerturn static method InitInstance into static property...
2011-12-16 Zeno Gantnerupdate README and Changes file
2011-12-16 Zeno Gantnermake Util.Random thread-safe while staying reproducible
2011-12-16 Zeno GantnerPearson: shrinkage (field) -> Shrinkage (property)
2011-12-16 Zeno Gantnerfix Pearson unit test for new shrinkage
2011-12-15 Zeno Gantnerupdate Changes file
2011-12-15 Zeno GantnerSoftMarginRankingMF: better API doc
2011-12-15 Zeno GantnerNelderMead: better output
2011-12-15 Zeno Gantnerrating prediction example: add DoCrossValidation()
2011-12-08 Zeno Gantnerwebsite: update some results
2011-12-08 Zeno GantnerPearson: improve API doc
2011-12-08 Zeno Gantnerupdate Changes file
2011-12-08 Zeno GantnerPearson shrinkage: use n_ij - 1 instead of n_ij, accord...
2011-12-08 Zeno GantnerRatingPrediction.KNN: improve API doc
2011-12-07 Zeno GantnerMultiCoreMatrixFactorization: use Util.MultiCore
2011-12-07 Zeno Gantneradd MultiCoreBPRMF, Util.MultiCore
2011-12-07 Zeno Gantnerfix sampling bug in BPRMF
2011-12-07 Zeno GantnerMultiCoreMatrixFactorization: NumBlocks -> NumGroups...
2011-12-07 Zeno GantnerMultiCoreMatrixFactorization: Blocks -> blocks (not...
2011-12-06 Zeno GantnerUserItemBaseline: improved API doc
2011-12-05 Zeno Gantnerimplement weighted Cosine
2011-12-05 Zeno Gantnerincremental update fix
2011-12-05 Zeno Gantnerincremental update fix
2011-12-05 Zeno Gantnerwebsite: fix data error
2011-12-05 Zeno Gantneradd remark about IronPython 2.6 vs. 3.0, thanks to...
2011-12-03 Zeno GantnerPearson: 2 casts instead of 8
2011-12-03 Zeno Gantnerreduce memory usage by Pearson by a factor of 5-10
2011-12-03 Zeno Gantnerupdate FAQ and Python examples after feedback from...
2011-12-03 Zeno Gantnerbump version number to 2.03
2011-12-03 Zeno GantnerBinaryCosine: save some memory if possible
2011-12-03 Zeno Gantnermake RatingCorrelationMatrix abstract
2011-12-03 Zeno Gantnermake BinaryDataCorrelationMatrix abstract
2011-12-03 Zeno Gantnerupdate Changes file
2011-12-03 Zeno GantnerBinaryCosine/Jaccard: remove unnecessary if statement