last changeThu, 10 Jul 2014 16:32:20 +0000 (18:32 +0200)
2014-07-10 Stefan HackerFix mumo dynamic slice retrieval for Ice 3.5 python... master
2014-03-12 Brendan CorcoranAdded explicit setting of Ice EncodingVersion to 1... 3
2013-06-01 Stefan HackerCorrect long game names in source plugin
2013-04-05 Stefan HackerFix user disconnects from source plugin
2013-03-25 Stefan HackerInvalid game regex in
2013-03-24 Stefan HackerMake source module python 2.6 compatible
2013-03-24 Stefan HackerSource plugin now remembers channel names of controlled...
2013-03-24 Stefan HackerIntroduce constraints and name mapping to source plugin...
2013-03-23 Stefan HackerExpand unit test coverage for source plugin.
2013-03-23 Stefan HackerBasic functionality and test coverage for source plugin
2013-03-23 Stefan HackerSource plugin now applies ACLs to created channels
2013-03-23 Stefan HackerSource plugin now handles groups
2013-03-23 Stefan HackerRemove outdated sketches.txt and add run instructions...
2013-03-23 Stefan HackerSource plugin ini diverged from py defaults.
2013-03-23 Stefan HackerSource plugin didn't handle users moving on them own...
2013-03-23 Stefan HackerAdd capability to delete unused channels to source...
8 years ago master