last changeTue, 6 Jul 2010 22:24:53 +0000 (19:24 -0300)
2010-07-06 Martin MarreseMoved Settings class to its own file. master
2010-07-06 Martin MarreseSettings class refactor.
2010-07-06 Martin MarreseRemove pango usage.
2010-07-06 Martin MarreseChange in the Settings app call.
2010-07-06 Martin MarreseAdded method to lock application.
2010-07-06 Martin MarreseUnlock app as decorator and only if the application...
2010-07-06 Martin MarreseBugFix in the way the keyring was reopened.
2010-07-06 Martin MarreseUpdated README file.
2010-07-06 Martin MarreseRemoved tmp directory.
2010-07-06 Martin MarreseMinor code beautification. v0.3.GladeConfiguration
2010-07-06 Martin MarreseGlade configuration GUI
2010-07-05 Martin MarreseMoving forward on glade gui conf support
2010-07-03 Martin MarreseMinor changes. v0.2.ConfigRefactor
2010-07-03 Martin MarreseEach class has its own file
2010-07-03 Martin MarreseNew src folder
2010-07-03 Martin MarreseNew methods in mgconfig class.
8 years ago v0.3.GladeConfiguration
8 years ago v0.2.ConfigRefactor
8 years ago v0.1
8 years ago master