Change in the Settings app call.
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2010-07-06 Martin MarreseChange in the Settings app call.
2010-07-06 Martin MarreseAdded method to lock application.
2010-07-06 Martin MarreseBugFix in the way the keyring was reopened.
2010-07-06 Martin MarreseMinor code beautification. v0.3.GladeConfiguration
2010-07-06 Martin MarreseGlade configuration GUI
2010-07-05 Martin MarreseMoving forward on glade gui conf support
2010-07-03 Martin MarreseMinor changes. v0.2.ConfigRefactor
2010-07-03 Martin MarreseNew src folder
2010-07-03 Martin MarreseConfig class to handle all configuration issues.
2010-05-14 Martin MarreseRenamed whole project to multi-gmail-notifier.