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2014-01-03 Andrew FrahnException Responses master 2
2014-01-02 Andrew FrahnAdded error checking as per comments in header file. 1
2013-05-02 Martin Petterssoncorrected the Keywords file...
2013-05-02 Martin Petterssonignore stuff
2012-12-11 Martin PetterssonAdded some comments about the lack of error handling
2012-04-16 Martin Petterssonavoid the millis rollover problem
2012-03-25 Martin Petterssonfixed over write of receive buffer and message length...
2012-02-12 Martin Petterssonsome corrections of comments
2012-02-12 Martin Petterssonadded my crappy test file I run in the Arduino
2012-02-12 Martin Petterssoncleaned up the indentation with astyle... more testing...
2012-02-12 Martin PetterssonThis works with the multiple Modbus requests in one...
2012-02-12 Martin Petterssonfixed malformed response to FC16
2012-02-12 Martin Petterssonsend unsupported FCs to serial port
2012-02-11 Martin Petterssonjust a backup in the middle of testing
2012-02-11 Martin PetterssonSeparate send and receive buffers...
2012-02-11 Martin PetterssonOngoing work... Fixed some debugging texts.
6 years ago MP_1_0 This version should have the same...
4 years ago master