last changeSun, 18 Jul 2010 12:06:38 +0000 (14:06 +0200)
2010-07-18 Simón Penaui: Started handling 'DBus service not ready' error master
2010-07-18 Simón Penaui: Fixed change volume without a selected item
2010-07-18 Simón Penacore: Started error handling support
2010-07-18 Simón PenaTODO: Updated finished tasks
2010-07-04 Simón Penaui: Fixed song percent range
2010-07-04 Simón Penaui: misc code updates
2010-07-04 Simón PenaChanged calls to super to follow the new style
2010-07-04 Simón Penaui: Added more strings to i18n
2010-07-04 Simón PenaConnected menu items to actions
2010-07-04 Simón PenaImproved UI naming scheme
2010-07-04 Simón PenaAdded About window
2010-06-30 Alberto A.... INSTALL: playlists note added
2010-06-30 Alberto A.... gui: treeviews renamed for clarity
2010-06-27 Jorge RúaMoved playing state constants from to
2010-06-27 Simón PenaFixed l18n support
2010-06-26 Alberto A.... TODO file updated
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