2010-03-10 Dykam~ master
2010-03-08 DykamFiddled around a bit. Rewrote
2010-01-06 DykamYay, a heavy StringBuilder test. Works with more ref...
2010-01-06 DykamBasics of fireworks
2009-12-23 DykamMore fun, mandelbrot!
2009-12-18 DykamNo fun nofun
2009-11-25 DykamSync
2009-11-25 DykamCommit before changing to work on exceptions
2009-11-09 DykamTp test the new calculate function.
2009-11-02 DykamPrevented unnecessary drawing. The particles will suffe...
2009-11-02 Mark de BruijnQuadTree demo. Use the scrollwheel to change the depth...
2009-10-30 DykamSome fun with particles.
2009-10-21 DykamSynced with more.
2009-10-21 DykamCool demo, inspired by
2009-10-15 DykamTesting what would be the best and easiest way to itera...
2009-10-14 Dykam-
2009-10-11 DykamAin't it very very nice?
2009-10-09 DykamSynced with much joy.
2009-10-09 DykamSynced with joy.
2009-10-09 DykamSynced with crap.
2009-10-08 DykamSynced with joy.
2009-10-05 DykamWhen this works, colors is closer to done.
2009-10-05 DykamGradient :D. Even less code to make it. Go more!
2009-10-05 Dykam-
2009-10-04 Dykam-
2009-10-04 Dykam-
2009-10-04 Dykam-
2009-10-04 DykamRemoved binaries.
2009-10-04 Mark de BruijnYou can click on the top colors, see the magic happen.
2009-10-03 DykamSynced, nice rainbow btw :P.
2009-10-03 DykamRainbow demo.
2009-10-03 Mark de BruijnSynced
2009-10-02 DykamSynced with more.
2009-10-02 DykamYeah, the list works!
2009-10-01 DykamSynced with the problems of more.
2009-09-30 DykamSynced with more.
2009-09-28 DykamHey, Manipulation.reverse works :D
2009-09-07 DykamChanged code to test the testcases errors.
2009-09-07 Dykamreal test, works fine
2009-09-07 Dykamstarted with list tests
2009-09-02 Mark de Bruijnsee more fd7bd49
2009-09-01 DykamModified to test the colors class
2009-08-31 Dykam-
2009-08-30 Dykaminitial commit