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2014-08-06 Paul WiseUpdate links from http to https where possible. master
2013-04-29 Paul WiseTell git to ignore some files
2011-04-20 Paul WiseCheck for and build against libraries that are used.
2011-01-21 Daniele RicciSome cleaning
2011-01-17 Daniele RicciQVGA prepare
2011-01-16 Daniele RicciNew message writing implemented
2011-01-16 Daniele RicciSingle message delete
2011-01-15 Daniele RicciDo elm_exit() on thread win close for now
2011-01-15 Daniele RicciBitbake recipe
2011-01-15 Daniele RicciFirst working version can reply to messages
2010-12-12 Daniele RicciRun script as non-root user
2010-10-31 Daniele RicciDynamic load of new messages
2010-10-31 Daniele RicciSend button :)
2010-10-30 Daniele RicciCorrectly pack some objects
2010-10-30 Daniele RicciSome tests with bubbles (anyone knows why they take...
2010-10-24 Daniele Riccielm_init() called by mokosuite-ui
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