2010-11-19 Daniele RicciHome timeline and basic status update fully working
2010-11-13 Daniele RicciHome timeline first load and view :)
2010-11-12 Daniele RicciHome timeline request - to be completed
2010-11-12 Daniele RicciGeneric REST API call
2010-11-12 Daniele RicciEmpty timeline window :)
2010-11-11 Daniele RicciBegin OAuth window
2010-11-10 Daniele RicciDeprecated oAuth/Libsoup code
2010-11-10 Daniele RicciLibsoup/Libaouth removed in favour of libRest
2010-11-10 Daniele RicciPorting code from liboauth - thanks to liboauth.sf...
2010-11-10 Daniele RicciSome twitter tests with OAuth
2010-11-02 Daniele RicciFirst application skeleton