Mokowin packing fix
[mokosuite2:libmokosuite.git] /
2010-12-20 Daniele RicciTypo
2010-12-20 Daniele RicciGoing back libnotify 0.4.5
2010-12-12 Daniele RicciAdded notify to utils: some wrappers to libnotify
2010-11-20 Daniele RicciFixed word wrap problem in popup alert
2010-10-26 Daniele RicciAdded Changed signal to RemoteConfigService (also to...
2010-10-24 Daniele RicciMokowin header title
2010-10-16 Daniele RicciAdded common UI data
2010-10-16 Daniele RicciAll sources moved to mokosuite for better use of header...
2010-10-16 Daniele RicciUse eina for logging (part 1)
2010-10-14 Daniele RicciFirst source files from appbunch