last changeWed, 6 Aug 2014 13:55:19 +0000 (21:55 +0800)
2014-08-06 Paul WiseUpdate links from http to https where possible. master
2013-04-29 Paul WiseTell git to ignore some files
2011-04-11 Daniele RicciMerge branch 'master' of
2011-04-11 Paul WiseCheck for and build against libraries that are used.
2011-01-15 Daniele RicciMokomessages removed - has its own repository now
2010-12-20 Daniele RicciForgot to take away some stuff from Makefiles
2010-12-20 Daniele RicciRemoving mokopanel and mokophone from appbunch
2010-12-07 Daniele RicciRemoved mokohome in favour of new project
2010-11-27 Daniele RicciHonour awake status to restore backlight
2010-11-19 Marco Trevisan... mokohome: use the "-w" argument to run it as a Basic...
2010-11-19 Marco Trevisan... mokohome: set the mokohome as a basic maximized window
2010-11-15 Daniele RicciFixing efreet_icon_path_find now returning static string
2010-10-14 Daniele RicciUnread messages and missed calls at startup: wait for...
2010-10-14 Daniele RicciFixed retry_message_query to call the correct function
2010-10-14 Daniele RicciA few smaller fixes
2010-10-11 Daniele RicciBasic desktop widgets dragging by longpressing for...
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