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2010-10-11 Daniele RicciFixed grouped notifications removal
2010-10-07 Daniele RicciFixed fso signals memory leaks
2010-10-02 Daniele RicciPanel notification system rewritten to support registra...
2010-09-29 Daniele RicciIncoming unread messages notifications by opimd in...
2010-09-27 Daniele RicciDate label now shows correct date
2010-09-21 Daniele RicciRemoving some illume deprecated stuff (not using illume...
2010-09-21 Daniele RicciDelete request callback to hide notifications window
2010-09-20 Daniele RicciMissed calls notifications now made by panel itself
2010-09-20 Daniele RicciFix script path for mokophone notifications
2010-09-20 Daniele RicciWorking around vala generated source bug
2010-09-17 Daniele RicciFixed panel pushing method
2010-09-16 Daniele RicciCall log ported to opimd, except for bulk "set as new...
2010-09-16 Daniele RicciSome adjustments to the panel notification push method
2010-09-15 Daniele RicciSome fixes to notifications window activation
2010-09-14 Daniele RicciWM: fixed a focus issue
2010-09-12 Daniele RicciPreliminary porting to libfreesmartphone-glib, part 2
2010-09-12 Daniele RicciPreliminary porting to libfreesmartphone-glib
2010-09-02 Daniele RicciInitial application bunch from svn repository