Thread list window loading from opimd (due to opimd has limitations, all messages...
[mokosuite2:appbunch.git] / libmokosuite /
2010-10-03 Daniele RicciWorkaround elm_hover delete bug
2010-10-02 Daniele RicciPanel notification system rewritten to support registra...
2010-09-29 Daniele RicciMissed calls updated manually using PIM.Call.Update
2010-09-29 Daniele RicciIncoming unread messages notifications by opimd in...
2010-09-17 Daniele Riccigpointer typo (gointer... come on!)
2010-09-16 Daniele RicciGValue inner values are freed as well now
2010-09-16 Daniele RicciCall log ported to opimd, except for bulk "set as new...
2010-09-15 Daniele RicciSome fixes to notifications window activation
2010-09-13 Daniele RicciStill porting phone call log to opimd
2010-09-12 Daniele RicciPreliminary porting to libfreesmartphone-glib, part 2
2010-09-12 Daniele RicciPreliminary porting to libfreesmartphone-glib
2010-09-02 Daniele RicciInitial application bunch from svn repository