2012-09-05 Leon AnaviTurkish translation by Oytun Eren Sengul added. master
2012-08-21 Leon Anavichangelog updated.
2012-08-21 Leon Anaviclean-up of the pro file
2012-08-21 Leon AnaviInstructions improved.
2012-08-12 Leon AnaviPrivacy policy + clean build for Nokia Store
2012-08-12 Leon AnaviChange log updated; debug info removed.
2012-08-12 Leon AnaviFont size fixed for Nokia E6
2012-08-12 Leon AnaviBulgarian translation added.
2012-08-12 Leon AnaviWorkaround only for Symbian to save stats despite crash...
2012-08-12 Leon AnaviReception of e-mails on Symbian fixed.
2012-08-12 Leon AnaviDetection of configured e-mail fixed.
2012-08-11 Leon AnaviTitle style at about modified.
2012-08-11 Leon AnaviIcon for Symbian and MeeGo modified.
2012-08-11 Leon AnaviIcons modified.
2012-08-10 Leon AnaviStatus panel with colors
2012-08-10 Leon AnaviCheckbox to enable or disable removal of received e...
2012-08-09 Leon AnaviDo not start the gateway and show error message if...
2012-08-09 Leon AnaviReset statistics button added to the options menu.
2012-08-09 Leon AnaviStatistics added.
2012-08-09 Leon AnaviHow-to text in English added.
2012-08-09 Leon AnaviSending of SMS implemented.
2012-08-09 Leon AnaviDetect SIM card status and show error message if the...
2012-08-09 Leon AnaviControl button to start or stop the gateway added;...
2012-08-08 Leon AnaviList of supported languages limited to Bulgarian and...
2012-08-08 Leon AnaviInitial commit of MoGateway (basic GUI, e-mail detectio...