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2013-02-18 Thomas McGuireFix permissions of camera app to be able to use the... master
2013-02-18 Thomas McGuireAdd quick test for a QML Sensor application in Qt4
2013-02-18 Thomas McGuireSimplify configuration
2013-01-31 Thomas McGuireAdd shared folder permissions
2013-01-31 Thomas McGuireFix bar descriptor file
2013-01-31 Thomas McGuireupdate .gitignore
2013-01-31 Thomas McGuireAd the camera widget exampel
2013-01-31 Thomas McGuireFit better to the BB10 screen
2013-01-31 Thomas McGuireAdapt to new deploy/ structure
2012-10-30 Thomas McGuireAdd audioengine example
2012-09-24 Thomas McGuireAdapt Maze example to BB Dev Alpha device
2012-09-20 Thomas McGuireAdd robobounce demo
2012-09-20 Thomas McGuireBuild
2012-09-07 Thomas McGuireAdd QML video example for Qt4
2012-08-24 Thomas McGuireDon't error out with recent QML versions
2012-07-23 Thomas McGuireSome fullscreen fixes
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