FIXED: kernel-kmeans initialization back to standard random choice of existing samples
[mldemos:mldemos.git] / _AlgorithmsPlugins / KernelMethods / clustererKKM.cpp
2013-03-14 b4silioFIXED: kernel-kmeans initialization back to standard...
2013-03-01 b4silio-v0.5.1 master v0.5.1
2013-03-01 Barak A. PearlmutterMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/devel' into...
2013-01-20 Barak A. PearlmutterMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/devel' into...
2012-12-01 Barak A. PearlmutterMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/devel' into...
2012-11-19 Barak A. PearlmutterMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/devel' into...
2012-10-15 Barak A. Pearlmutterchmod a-x all-the-non-executables
2012-09-21 b4silioMerge branch 'devel' of git://
2012-08-28 b4silioREMOVED: the spinning wheel animation
2012-08-28 b4silioFixing things up (bad commits?!)
2012-06-07 otpal Cure the and load bug + Added...
2012-05-22 b4silioMerge branch 'devel' of git://
2012-05-22 BasilioADDED: Multi-dimensional support for Pegasos SVM and RVM
2012-03-22 Christophe PaccolatMerge branch 'devel' of
2012-03-22 b4silioMerge branch 'devel' of git://
2012-03-21 BasilioADDED: computation of Clustering_as_Classifier error
2012-03-21 BasilioFIXED: Cleaned up the Kernel KMeans multi-dim
2012-03-21 BasilioADDED: multi-dimensional Kernel K-means (up to 12 dimen...
2012-03-16 b4silioMerge branch 'devel' of git://
2012-03-16 BasilioMerge branch 'devel' of
2012-03-16 BasilioADDED: display of eigenvalues for Kernel-PCA
2012-03-14 b4silioMerge branch 'devel' of git://
2012-03-13 BasilioADDED: contour lines for Kernel K-Means
2012-03-06 Christophe PaccolatMerge branch 'devel' of
2012-03-05 b4silioMerge branch 'devel' of git://
2012-03-04 BasilioFIXED: Update the column class to follow the number...
2011-10-28 St├ęphane MagnenatMerged steph's changes.
2011-10-20 b4silioMerge branch 'devel' of git://
2011-10-20 Basilio- Fixed screenshot saving the mouse cursor
2011-10-19 b4silioMerge branch 'devel' of git://
2011-10-19 Basilio- debugging and adapting for win32 compilation, plus...
2011-06-08 Barak A. PearlmutterMerge remote branch 'upstream/master' into debian
2011-06-02 Basilio- Added maximization features, with corresponding plugi...
2011-04-02 BasilioFixed segfault error with the information/statistics...
2011-03-24 Christophe PaccolatMerge branch 'master' of
2011-03-23 Basilio- Fixed the ioplugins crashing
2011-03-23 BasilioTeh first one