FIXED: cosmetic changes to the GUI
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2012-05-14 BasilioFIXED: cosmetic changes to the GUI
2012-05-02 BasilioADDED: Reinforcement Learning with Random Walk on a...
2012-02-23 Basiliov0.4.3 merge with master branch v0.4.3
2012-02-23 Basilio- fixed a number of bugs in SEDS reported from third...
2011-10-28 St├ęphane MagnenatMerged steph's changes.
2011-10-16 Basiliov0.4.0: v0.4.0
2011-06-08 Barak A. PearlmutterMerge remote branch 'upstream/master' into debian
2011-06-02 Basilio- Added maximization features, with corresponding plugi...
2011-03-23 BasilioTeh first one