REMOVED: the DrawModel function from classifierInterface (they all do exactly the...
[mldemos:baraks-mldemos.git] / _AlgorithmsPlugins / OpenCV / interfaceMLPClassifier.h
2013-01-21 b4silioREMOVED: the DrawModel function from classifierInterfac...
2013-01-04 b4silioADDED: functions for grid-search for all algorithms
2012-12-19 b4siliov0.4.9
2012-08-28 b4silioREMOVED: the spinning wheel animation
2012-08-28 b4silioFixing things up (bad commits?!)
2012-06-07 otpal Cure the and load bug + Added...
2012-05-14 BasilioFIXED: long-version of the algorithm names in the algor...
2011-06-10 Barak A. PearlmutterMerge remote branch 'upstream/master' into debian
2011-06-09 Basiliov0.3.5: upstream/0.3.5
2011-06-08 Barak A. PearlmutterMerge remote branch 'upstream/master' into debian
2011-06-06 Basilio- Introduced SVG export, which has some issues with... upstream/0.3.4
2011-06-05 Basilio- Added Gradient Descent to the Maximization algorithms.