2014-05-24 Jonathan WakelyRewrite brann as a single shellscript. master
2014-05-24 Jonathan WakelyAdd 'export_psf' to aid exporting to subshells.
2014-01-14 Jonathan WakelyAdd some basic documentation to git-prompt-bash
2013-09-11 Jonathan WakelyAdd timestamp utility
2012-10-11 Jonathan WakelyRemove unnecessary escape sequences from prompt
2012-10-11 Jonathan WakelyAdd (commented out) alternate implementation.
2012-10-11 Jonathan WakelyAlter how status display to match official git-prompt.sh
2012-10-11 Jonathan WakelyChange status summaries.
2012-10-11 Jonathan WakelyDefine function to set PS1_git_status.
2012-10-11 Jonathan WakelyUse '=' instead of pattern matching operators
2012-07-20 Jonathan WakelyMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:miscripts/miscripts
2012-07-20 Jonathan WakelyUse [[ conditional expression.
2012-07-08 Jonathan Wakelyprdump: Simplify.
2012-07-07 Jonathan WakelyAdd utils for GCC git mirror
2012-06-29 Jonathan Wakelyinclude <stdint.h>
2012-06-21 Jonathan Wakelyc++eval: Don't bother with RAII here.
2012-06-21 Jonathan Wakelyc++eval: typo.
2012-06-21 Jonathan Wakelyc++eval: Generalise typeundef to handle expressions.
2012-06-21 Jonathan Wakelytypeundef: Enable warnings.
2012-06-21 Jonathan Wakelytypeundef: Allow -std options.
2012-06-21 Jonathan Wakelytypeundef: Include POSIX headers.
2012-06-21 Jonathan Wakelygit-prompt.bash: Preserve existing prompt.
2012-06-21 Jonathan Wakelygit-prompt.bash: Show more status info. Allow caching...
2012-06-20 Jonathan WakelyAdd typeundef to README.
2012-06-20 Jonathan WakelyAdd typeundef script.
2012-06-13 Jonathan WakelyEscape forward-slashes in psf pattern.
2012-06-13 Jonathan WakelyFix removing user from psfu args.
2012-06-13 Jonathan WakelyFix silly error in psf_impl.
2012-02-04 Jonathan WakelyOnly run 'git status' if command history changes.
2012-02-04 Jonathan WakelyIndicate status in prompt.
2012-02-04 Jonathan WakelyDon't print branch name in bold.
2012-02-04 Jonathan WakelyOptimise match for encoding-prefix.
2012-02-04 Jonathan WakelyReorder characters to match standard text.
2012-01-14 Jonathan WakelyShow current git branch in prompt.
2012-01-09 Jonathan WakelyMove common keywords to c.vim
2012-01-09 Jonathan WakelySyntax for new character- and string-literals
2012-01-09 Jonathan WakelyDo not set variable
2012-01-08 Jonathan WakelyVim plugin to read a commit log message from ChangeLog...
2012-01-08 Jonathan WakelyAdd README.
2012-01-08 Jonathan WakelyMove cpp.vim to sub-directory.
2012-01-08 Jonathan WakelyUseful bash functions.
2012-01-06 Jonathan WakelyVim syntax file for C++11
2011-12-22 Jonathan Wakelymore field details
2011-12-22 Jonathan Wakelyadd MsgType values
2011-12-22 Jonathan WakelyUS spelling for 'Cancelled'
2011-12-22 Jonathan WakelySet names and values for Side and ExecType
2011-12-22 Jonathan Wakelyaffix: allow 'sep' and 'join' to be changed.
2011-12-22 Jonathan WakelyScript to pretty-print FIX messages.