2011-03-11 Colomban WendlingIntegrate test program to Autotools test system
2011-03-07 Colomban WendlingReview mem_vprintf() not to require C99
2011-03-05 Colomban WendlingRe-license under GPLv2+
2010-07-08 Colomban WendlingUse function VTable function-table
2010-06-26 Colomban WendlingAdd new function mio_new_file_full()
2010-06-25 Colomban WendlingAllow user to provide the fclose() function to close...
2010-06-25 Colomban WendlingFix some implicit type conversions and possible overflow
2010-06-25 Colomban WendlingAdd some introspection annotations
2010-06-24 Colomban WendlingAdd functions mio_file_get_fp() and mio_memory_get_data()
2010-06-23 Colomban WendlingBuild Gtk-Doc documentation
2010-06-23 Colomban WendlingAdd some documentation
2010-06-22 Colomban WendlingImplement vprintf(), printf() and their test entry
2010-06-21 Colomban WendlingFix allocation sizes on writes
2010-06-21 Colomban WendlingImplement puts() and its test entry
2010-06-21 Colomban WendlingImplement putc() and it test entry
2010-06-20 Colomban WendlingImprove tell() test
2010-06-20 Colomban WendlingDon't try seeking after the end of the stream
2010-06-20 Colomban WendlingOnly show detailed/debugging infos of test when run...
2010-06-20 Colomban WendlingRewrite tests to be more automated and readable
2010-06-19 Colomban WendlingReset EOF and error markers on rewind()
2010-06-19 Colomban WendlingDon't test tell() right after an ungetc() at positions 0
2010-06-19 Colomban WendlingImplement write() and its test entry
2010-06-19 Colomban WendlingRename TEST_FILE to TEST_FILE_R
2010-06-19 Colomban WendlingFix missing initialization of eof and error flags of...
2010-06-19 Colomban WendlingImprove errno assertion message
2010-06-18 Colomban WendlingImplement eof(), error(), clearerr() and their test...
2010-06-18 Colomban WendlingDon't test behavior of ungetc() at the start of a stream
2010-06-18 Colomban WendlingLittle improvement of the getc() test entry
2010-06-18 Colomban WendlingClear effects of prior call to ungetc() on setpos()
2010-06-18 Colomban WendlingImprove read() if size or nmemb is 0
2010-06-18 Colomban WendlingProperly handle EOF as parameter of ungetc()
2010-06-18 Colomban WendlingReset errno to 0 if we expected the error
2010-06-18 Colomban WendlingOnly use EIO if it exists
2010-06-18 Colomban WendlingBetter checks for gets()
2010-06-18 Colomban WendlingAdd PkgConfig file
2010-06-17 Colomban WendlingImplement mio_getpos(), mio_setpos() and their test...
2010-06-17 Colomban WendlingCheck errno status too
2010-06-17 Colomban WendlingEnable debugging
2010-06-17 Colomban WendlingFix non-GLib return type
2010-06-17 Colomban WendlingImplement mio_rewind() and its test entry
2010-06-17 Colomban WendlingImplement mio_seek() and its test entry
2010-06-17 Colomban WendlingImplement mio_tell() and its test entry
2010-06-17 Colomban WendlingFix memory stream positioning when using mio_ungetc()
2010-06-17 Colomban WendlingAllow memory MIO to free their underlying data without...
2010-06-17 Colomban WendlingFree MIO object when test done not to leak memory around
2010-06-16 Colomban WendlingRemoved unrelated debug code (oops)
2010-06-16 Colomban WendlingA little more assertions
2010-06-16 Colomban WendlingFix mio_read() to pass its test
2010-06-16 Colomban WendlingAdd mio_read() test entry
2010-06-16 Colomban WendlingMore test writing automation
2010-06-16 Colomban WendlingImplement mio_ungetch()
2010-06-16 Colomban WendlingFix mio_gets() implementation
2010-06-16 Colomban WendlingRename the library to MIO
2010-06-16 Colomban WendlingAdd missing copying information
2010-06-16 Colomban WendlingSwitch to an Autotools build system
2010-06-16 Colomban WendlingAdd virtual tests (does not compile for now, needs...
2010-06-16 Colomban WendlingNew "run" target
2010-06-16 Colomban WendlingLink the test executable to the library
2010-06-16 Colomban WendlingFix shlib and program suffixes
2010-06-16 Colomban WendlingUse GLib type limits constants
2010-06-15 Colomban WendlingInitial check-in