last changeMon, 4 May 2015 14:39:05 +0000 (16:39 +0200)
2015-05-04 Colomban WendlingFix random memory generation in tests master
2015-05-04 Colomban WendlingDo not use /dev/urandom in the tests
2014-10-21 Colomban WendlingFix support for recent Automake versions
2012-03-24 Colomban WendlingImprove memory backend of mio_read()
2012-03-24 Colomban WendlingAdd test for partial reads
2012-03-24 Colomban WendlingFix test for mio_read()
2012-03-23 Colomban WendlingMake GLib dependency optional
2011-12-23 Colomban WendlingUse gsize instead of size_t
2011-12-23 Colomban WendlingAllow to force ANSI compliance on systems supporting...
2011-03-12 Colomban WendlingAdd section documentation
2011-03-11 Colomban WendlingFix distribution and VPATH builds
2011-03-11 Colomban WendlingProperly create and remove files needed by the tests
2011-03-11 Colomban WendlingIntegrate test program to Autotools test system
2011-03-07 Colomban WendlingReview mem_vprintf() not to require C99
2011-03-05 Colomban WendlingRe-license under GPLv2+
2010-07-08 Colomban WendlingUse function VTable function-table
3 years ago master
8 years ago function-table