2009-12-02 Michael HasselmannCreated a stub for the next release in the debian changelog maebar
2009-12-02 Michael HasselmannMoved piece rotation handling into MGame, allowing...
2009-12-02 Michael HasselmannAdded a MBoardView ref to MGame to allow better control...
2009-12-02 Michael HasselmannRe-added next/prev move, does not work correctly
2009-12-02 Michael HasselmannCleaned up UI, underline active player
2009-12-02 Michael HasselmannLet MGame store a history of the current chess game
2009-12-02 Michael HasselmannReplaced raw pointers in MPosition with QSharedPointers
2009-12-01 Michael HasselmannAdded chess move notation, fixed memory leaks
2009-12-01 Michael HasselmannAdded a getLetter method for each piece, for chess...
2009-11-30 Michael HasselmannAdded store/restore API to MPosition
2009-11-30 Michael HasselmannLet Miniature start with the start position
2009-11-29 Michael HasselmannMoved player info below board
2009-11-29 Michael HasselmannAdded rotation of black pieces, for offline human vs...
2009-11-29 Michael HasselmannAdded about dialog
2009-11-29 Michael HasselmannIntegrated the move list view and enabled switching...
2009-11-29 Michael HasselmannAdded move list view and show moves/show board buttons
2009-11-29 Michael HasselmannAdded stacked windows
2009-11-28 Michael HasselmannFixed bug #1
2009-11-28 Michael HasselmannFixed a race condition
2009-11-28 Michael HasselmannFixed unused variable
2009-11-27 Mathias HasselmannUpdate build dependencies fremantle/0.1.2-1
2009-11-27 Mathias HasselmannBump version numbers
2009-11-27 Michael HasselmannDisable Qt Designer's auto connect feature
2009-11-27 Michael HasselmannFixed app termination on N900
2009-11-26 Michael HasselmannKill QWebPage instance once it rendered the board backg...
2009-11-26 Michael HasselmannUpdated debian changelog
2009-11-26 Michael HasselmannDisabled stdout debugging output
2009-11-26 Michael HasselmannAdded clean newGame reset
2009-11-26 Michael HasselmannAdded a hackish way to show which side has to move...
2009-11-26 Michael HasselmannImplemented alternating move order
2009-11-26 Michael HasselmannAdded auto-promotion to queens for pawns
2009-11-26 dennisfix for the last commit
2009-11-26 dennisadded a flag that tracks the colour to move
2009-11-25 dennisand kore said: let the kings move!
2009-11-25 Michael HasselmannMade the logic analyzer's verifyMove more expressive
2009-11-25 denniscleaned up MKing and added it to the makefile
2009-11-25 dennisimplemented the check check (a method that tests a...
2009-11-25 Michael HasselmannRemoved portrait mode support for Qt 4.5, activated...
2009-11-25 Michael HasselmannMade the board's background corners transparent again
2009-11-25 Michael HasselmannFixed null-pointer issue in piece type lookup, style...
2009-11-25 Michael HasselmannUse QGraphicsView's background caching for the SVG...
2009-11-25 Michael HasselmannRemoved Webkit rendering inside scene graph, it kills...
2009-11-25 koriusmade MPosition remember the positions of the two kings
2009-11-25 koriusfixed a small bug which prevented pawns from moving
2009-11-25 Michael HasselmannIncluded MPawn in, fixed compile errors
2009-11-25 Michael HasselmannAdded debug output to mouse event handling, turns out...
2009-11-25 Michael HasselmannAdded SVG item caching in MBoardView
2009-11-25 koriusmade pawns move (doesn't build completely, i think...
2009-11-25 koriusallowed queens to move straight as well :)
2009-11-25 Michael HasselmannAdded bishops and queens to start position
2009-11-25 Michael HasselmannDisabled terminal debug output
2009-11-25 Michael HasselmannRedirected MGame debug output to main window
2009-11-25 Michael HasselmannAdded a generic debug output to main window, cleaned...
2009-11-25 Michael HasselmannCleaned up MPosition, added piece captured check
2009-11-25 koriusadded the move list constraints for bishops and queens
2009-11-25 koriusadded the renderers to MQueen and MBishop
2009-11-25 Michael HasselmannCode cut: Killed MPiecesPool, MPiecesPoolManager and...
2009-11-25 Michael HasselmannRemoved MPiecesPoolManager, MGraphicsChessPieceItem...
2009-11-25 Michael HasselmannAdded simple performance profiling to MGame
2009-11-25 Michael HasselmannMoved rendering support into MPiece classes
2009-11-25 koriusmade pieces/bishop.{h|cc} and src pieces/queen.{h|cc...
2009-11-25 koriusfixed knight constraint from not beeing applied ^^
2009-11-25 Michael HasselmannFixed MKnight and added knight rendering to MBoardView
2009-11-25 koriuscleaned up knight.{c|hh}
2009-11-25 koriusadded the knight constraint
2009-11-25 Michael HasselmannExtended black rook test
2009-11-25 koriusquick fix of the last commit
2009-11-25 Michael HasselmannMade the logic analyzer compile again
2009-11-25 koriusgame logic - move analyzer
2009-11-25 Michael HasselmannAdapted board rendering to new board model, added logic...
2009-11-25 Michael HasselmannMade the new internal model compile again
2009-11-25 koriusgame logic - move analyzer
2009-11-25 koriusgame logic - move analizer
2009-11-24 Mathias HasselmannMerge less glossy chess board
2009-11-24 Mathias HasselmannImplement OSSO D-Bus interface
2009-11-21 Mathias HasselmannAutomatically chose proper QT_PATH for Maemo 5
2009-11-21 Mathias HasselmannCheck for proper Qt version
2009-11-21 Mathias HasselmannAdd Standards-Version field to Maemo packaging.
2009-11-19 Mathias HasselmannIntegrated QtWebkit SVG rendering
2009-11-17 Mathias HasselmannAdd missing postinst script. fremantle/0.1.1-1
2009-11-17 Mathias HasselmannPrepare 0.1.1 release.
2009-11-17 David KingInstall application icons and specify them in the deskt...
2009-11-17 Michael HasselmannCleaned up UI file
2009-11-17 Mathias HasselmannUse the common idiom for connecting Qt signals.
2009-11-16 Ekaterina GerasimovaAdd an application icon PNG and the source SVG
2009-11-16 Michael HasselmannUpdated class diagram
2009-11-16 Mathias HasselmannUse short slogan for package description
2009-11-16 Michael HasselmannUpdated class diagram, this time with a PNG, too
2009-11-16 Michael HasselmannUpdated class diagram
2009-11-16 Mathias HasselmannMerge branch 'master' of
2009-11-16 Michael HasselmannCreated a more visible selection frame, refined move...
2009-11-16 Mathias HasselmannRelax launcher folder checks fremantle/0.1-1
2009-11-15 Michael HasselmannMade copyright notice in sources more standardized...
2009-11-15 Michael HasselmannActivated portrait mode for Qt 4.6, too
2009-11-15 Mathias HasselmannUpdate ignore file
2009-11-15 Mathias HasselmannAdd Debian packaging.
2009-11-15 Mathias HasselmannInstall launcher files at proper location
2009-11-15 Michael HasselmannAdded a cellSize property to MGraphicsBoardItem
2009-11-15 Michael HasselmannRemoved cyclic dependency between MBoardView and MGraph...
2009-11-15 Michael HasselmannImplement basic mouse/fingertouch events for moving...