2010-03-02 Michael HasselmannAdded half move to position logging logging fremantle/0.1.7-1
2010-03-02 Michael HasselmannInsert newline between log messages
2010-03-02 Michael HasselmannAllow the game log to be shown during a game
2010-03-02 Michael HasselmannPrevent MPreGame from calling MMainWindow's action...
2010-03-02 Michael HasselmannQuick and dirty FEN conversion for MPosition
2010-02-25 Michael HasselmannIncluded new game log, at least for start screen
2010-02-25 Michael HasselmannAdded a nice game log
2010-02-22 Michael HasselmannRemove version requirement
2010-02-22 Michael HasselmannUse setEnabled() instead of hide() for breaking signal...
2010-02-22 Michael HasselmannAdapt to the new window rotation attributes
2010-02-09 Michael HasselmannUpdated debian changelog
2010-02-09 Michael HasselmannPrevent P2P mode from even showing the board
2010-02-04 Michael HasselmannAdded debian changelog stub for upcoming release
2010-02-04 Michael HasselmannMerge branch 'dashboard'
2010-02-04 Michael HasselmannAdded end-game UI and a "game menu" that can always... dashboard
2010-02-04 Michael HasselmannAdapt MBoardView to the fullscreen mode of local games
2010-02-04 Michael HasselmannFixed racy top-level window creation
2010-02-03 Michael HasselmannFix broken master: remove blur hint
2010-02-03 Michael HasselmannAdded blur effect hint for cancellation of dialogs
2010-02-02 Michael HasselmannFixed an event/signal emission race
2010-02-02 Michael HasselmannConnected new dashboard actions
2010-02-02 Michael HasselmannActivated adjourn and resign buttons
2010-02-02 Michael HasselmannAdded draw-a-game negotiation
2010-02-02 Michael HasselmannAdded dialogs for offer/accept draw protocol
2010-02-02 Michael HasselmannMoved MIconicButton into separate file
2010-02-02 Michael HasselmannRemoved Miniature UI file, since there is no real QGV...
2010-01-29 Michael HasselmannFixed fullscreen activation
2010-01-29 Michael HasselmannFixed a signal connection
2010-01-29 Michael HasselmannAdapt to new MPreGame controller
2010-01-29 Michael HasselmannAdapt Maemo5-specific MMainWindow to new MPreGame contr...
2010-01-29 Michael HasselmannAdded a pre-game controller that handles the start...
2010-01-26 Michael HasselmannFixed about dialog, but links won't work (b.m.o #8557)
2010-01-26 Michael HasselmannUpdate player status again
2010-01-26 Michael HasselmannAdded a status label and mockup for last moves
2010-01-26 Michael HasselmannMoved the about dialog into code. Not worth to keep...
2010-01-26 Michael HasselmannKilled the rotation animation, as most people found...
2010-01-25 Michael HasselmannFixed scrollable viewport issues when scene started...
2010-01-25 Michael HasselmannAdded a "modal" stop resolution menu
2010-01-25 Michael HasselmannAdapt to new MScene
2010-01-25 Michael HasselmannAdded a QGraphicsScene specialisation for "modal" graph...
2010-01-25 Michael HasselmannAdd flashing of dashboard buttons for invalid moves
2010-01-25 Michael HasselmannFixed header includes
2010-01-25 Michael HasselmannFixed state transition bugs w.r.t. valid moves and...
2010-01-25 Michael HasselmannAdded a check for undo requests predicate
2010-01-25 Michael HasselmannAdded a fullscreen button and test entries for the...
2010-01-25 Michael HasselmannAdded Maemo 5 dependency to Qt libs
2010-01-21 Michael HasselmannMoved doc files to docs
2010-01-21 Michael HasselmannMoved doc files to docs
2010-01-21 Michael HasselmannFixed another confirm button bug (was still enabled...
2010-01-21 Michael HasselmannAdded a mockup avatar, to fill the emptiness
2010-01-21 Michael HasselmannKilled off MActionAreas, which are replaced by MDashboa...
2010-01-21 Michael HasselmannFixed bug regarding confirm button activation before...
2010-01-21 Michael HasselmannConnected MGame controller to dashboard confirm button...
2010-01-20 Michael HasselmannAdded accessors for both dashboard items
2010-01-20 Michael HasselmannCreated a custom dashboard button widg^Witem
2010-01-20 Michael HasselmannAdded media player icons for our main buttons
2010-01-20 Michael HasselmannDeactivate action areas, use MDashboardItems instead
2010-01-20 Michael HasselmannChanged main view minimum size in order to fit two...
2010-01-19 Michael HasselmannAdded a dashboard item (empty, for now) for each player
2010-01-18 Michael HasselmannAdded a close-to-default Doxyfile for code documentation
2010-01-18 Michael HasselmannRemove unneeded Q_OBJECT from header
2010-01-18 Michael HasselmannAdapted build files to the renaming of src/platforms/*
2010-01-18 Michael HasselmannMove src/platforms/* to distinct folders, since we...
2010-01-18 Michael HasselmannAdd conditional sources for src/platforms/* infrastructure
2010-01-18 Michael HasselmannAdd doxygen comments and adapt for src/platforms/*...
2010-01-18 Michael HasselmannAdd folder to allow platform-specific MMainWindow imple...
2010-01-13 Michael HasselmannCancel piece selection when a selected piece is clicked...
2010-01-13 Michael HasselmannJust pretend we never heard of event filtering
2010-01-13 Michael HasselmannEnable Qt's debug and fixed assertions
2010-01-11 Mathias HasselmannPrepare 0.1.6 release
2010-01-11 Michael HasselmannAdded a changelog entry for the upcoming release
2010-01-11 Michael HasselmannFixes previous commit which invalidated the last double...
2010-01-11 Michael HasselmannInvalidate last pawn double move correctly
2010-01-11 Michael HasselmannAdd en-passant capture of pawns (with undo)
2010-01-11 Michael HasselmannRemember pawn double moves in MPosition, boundary check...
2010-01-11 Michael HasselmannAdded undo for castling
2010-01-11 Michael HasselmannAdded ugly flags hack to logic analyzer to discover...
2010-01-11 Michael HasselmannClean half move data also after confirmation
2010-01-11 Michael HasselmannAdded castling support, undo is missing though
2010-01-11 Michael HasselmannFixed checks by pawns
2010-01-11 Michael HasselmannAdded print functionality and boundary checks for posit...
2010-01-10 Michael HasselmannFixed piece selection bug when navigating positions
2010-01-10 Michael HasselmannFixed min distance bug for kings
2010-01-10 Michael HasselmannRewrote cellUnderAttack logic
2010-01-10 Michael HasselmannFix checks after promotion
2010-01-10 Michael HasselmannHandle view updates for pieces in mHalfMove
2010-01-10 Michael HasselmannDisable view updates from within MPosition
2010-01-10 Michael HasselmannMoved colour switching after move from MGame to mHalfMove
2010-01-10 Michael HasselmannSplit up the logic analyzer validation
2010-01-10 Michael HasselmannFixed crash when selecting a piece after undo transitions-rewrite
2010-01-10 Michael HasselmannImproved MPosition's transition support slightly
2010-01-10 Michael HasselmannCode cleanup
2010-01-10 Michael HasselmannRemoved position transition handling from MGame
2010-01-10 Michael HasselmannMoved position transition code into mHalfMove class
2009-12-24 Michael HasselmannRemoved spurious comma from
2009-12-22 Michael HasselmannSwitched from application-wide OpenGL rendering to...
2009-12-22 Michael HasselmannCleaned up MPiece ctor
2009-12-22 Michael HasselmannAllow piece rotation to be disabled (requested by korius)
2009-12-21 Michael HasselmannInitialize shadow pixmap correctly
2009-12-21 Mathias HasselmannPrepare 0.1.5 fremantle/0.1.5-1