2009-11-17 Mathias HasselmannExperiment with wrapping WebKit in a GraphicsItem. glossy-experiments
2009-11-17 Mathias HasselmannRemove some redundant code from test-svg.
2009-11-17 Michael HasselmannMake configure complain about missing QtWebkit dependencies
2009-11-17 Mathias HasselmannExperiment with glossy board styles
2009-11-17 Mathias HasselmannUse the common idiom for connecting Qt signals.
2009-11-16 Ekaterina GerasimovaAdd an application icon PNG and the source SVG
2009-11-16 Michael HasselmannUpdated class diagram
2009-11-16 Mathias HasselmannUse short slogan for package description
2009-11-16 Michael HasselmannUpdated class diagram, this time with a PNG, too
2009-11-16 Michael HasselmannUpdated class diagram
2009-11-16 Mathias HasselmannMerge branch 'master' of
2009-11-16 Michael HasselmannCreated a more visible selection frame, refined move...
2009-11-16 Mathias HasselmannRelax launcher folder checks fremantle/0.1-1
2009-11-15 Michael HasselmannMade copyright notice in sources more standardized...
2009-11-15 Michael HasselmannActivated portrait mode for Qt 4.6, too
2009-11-15 Mathias HasselmannUpdate ignore file
2009-11-15 Mathias HasselmannAdd Debian packaging.
2009-11-15 Mathias HasselmannInstall launcher files at proper location
2009-11-15 Michael HasselmannAdded a cellSize property to MGraphicsBoardItem
2009-11-15 Michael HasselmannRemoved cyclic dependency between MBoardView and MGraph...
2009-11-15 Michael HasselmannImplement basic mouse/fingertouch events for moving...
2009-11-15 Michael HasselmannUpdated class diagram
2009-11-15 Michael HasselmannCreated a pieces pool (+manager) for the board view
2009-11-14 Michael HasselmannFixed player turn to player material, fixed font sizes...
2009-11-14 Michael HasselmannAdded text file with info for creating UML diagrams...
2009-11-14 Michael HasselmannAdded glossy SVG board from Mathias "tbf" Hasselmann
2009-11-14 Michael HasselmannRemoved MBoardView dependency from MGame
2009-11-14 Michael HasselmannMade MBoardView a proper view, using its own scene...
2009-11-14 Michael HasselmannWrapped position representation in MPosition
2009-11-13 Michael HasselmannRenamed figures to pieces and tried to follow our proje...
2009-11-11 Michael HasselmannMoved resources file and added UI file for main view
2009-11-11 Michael HasselmannFixed a missing integer for portrait mode
2009-11-09 Michael HasselmannActived portrait mode and scalee the SVG figures
2009-11-08 Michael HasselmannAnother - obvious! - bug in the next/prev feature got...
2009-11-08 Michael HasselmannFixed a bug in newGame() and removed cruft
2009-11-08 Michael HasselmannMoved game logic into separate class, added next/prev...
2009-11-08 Michael HasselmannAdded compiler warnings
2009-11-08 Michael HasselmannRemoved a private member (scene view), currently not...
2009-11-08 Michael HasselmannMoved board representation into separate class
2009-11-08 Michael HasselmannAdded some comments. Feel free to fix the TODOs.
2009-11-08 Michael HasselmannQuick and dirty redrawing of the mock-up using a scene...
2009-11-08 Michael HasselmannAdded a rectangle with rounded corners for the timer...
2009-11-08 Michael HasselmannAddding a C macro which hopefully allows portrait mode...
2009-11-08 Michael HasselmannAdded .desktop and .service files
2009-11-07 Michael HasselmannChanged automake req, added QtSvg, included resources
2009-11-07 Michael HasselmannCreated minimal Qt app
2009-11-07 mikhasAdded free SVG chess figures
2009-11-07 mikhasSetting up autotroll environment
2009-11-06 mikhasTTB initializing: trunk