2010-07-22 Michael HasselmannImplemented restore from last game feature master
2010-07-22 Michael HasselmannCode cleanup in network game and friends
2010-07-22 Michael HasselmannUpdated debian changelog, bumped version fremantle/0.1.10
2010-07-13 Alban CrequyUpdate .gitignore file
2010-07-13 Alban CrequyFilter contacts on their capabilities: Do not show...
2010-07-12 Alban CrequyRetrieve the contact name from the addressbook and...
2010-07-12 Alban CrequyUpdate copyright
2010-07-12 Alban CrequyFix crash: destroy TpApprover after finishing using it
2010-07-12 Alban CrequyDisplay the name of the contact in the telepathy approver
2010-07-08 Michael HasselmannInclude libosso-abook-dev as build dependency for now
2010-07-08 Michael HasselmannUpdated debian changelog, bumped version fremantle/0.1.9-1
2010-07-08 Michael HasselmannHide FICS button, prevent cut-off text in start screen
2010-07-08 Michael HasselmannFix debian build dependencies
2010-07-08 Alban CrequyFix double-free for MMainWindow
2010-07-08 Alban CrequyFix crashes on game abortion
2010-07-07 Alban CrequyShow waiting window for the remote contact
2010-07-06 Alban CrequyRotate the board view only for black player
2010-07-05 Alban CrequyEnable board rotating. It will be used for the back...
2010-07-05 Alban CrequyAvoid multiple signal-slot connections on pieces, it...
2010-07-05 Alban CrequyClose the game when the game is aborted by the remote...
2010-07-05 Alban CrequyFix compilation problems
2010-07-05 Alban CrequyFix conflict resolution
2010-07-05 Alban CrequyFix compilation warnings
2010-07-05 Alban CrequyThe telepathy handlers is now always running (same...
2010-07-05 Alban CrequyRemove MGameConfig, merge the code in PreGame
2010-07-05 Alban CrequyFix compilation errors, do not have conditional slots
2010-07-05 Michael HasselmannMade MGameLog a shared resource
2010-07-04 Michael HasselmannCleanup of MMainWindow files
2010-07-04 Michael HasselmannRenamed MMainWindow files, for consistency
2010-07-01 Alban CrequyDo not start the telepathy account manager when not...
2010-07-01 Alban CrequyRemove the "waiting incoming connections" dialog
2010-07-01 Alban CrequyRemove code to change telepathy account settings
2010-06-30 Alban CrequyReplace the whole board when a new move is received...
2010-06-30 Alban CrequyRead all incoming commands from the tube instead of...
2010-06-30 Alban CrequyDo not enable telepathy accounts
2010-06-30 Alban CrequyRemove code to reverse the game
2010-06-30 Alban CrequyUse the same model for black and white
2010-06-29 Alban CrequyInitial position rotated, not mirrored
2010-06-29 Alban CrequyMake the libosso-abook contact selector optional: if...
2010-06-29 Alban CrequyUse the standard directory for D-Bus .service files...
2010-06-29 Alban CrequyClose the contact selector window when a contact is...
2010-06-29 Alban CrequyUse contact selector from libosso-abook
2010-06-29 Alban CrequyDo not filter contacts on capabilities yet
2010-06-29 Alban CrequyAdd contact chooser from Monorail
2010-06-28 Dariusz MikulskiFix reversing fen position
2010-06-28 Dariusz MikulskiMerge
2010-06-28 Dariusz MikulskiFix libhildon pkg config
2010-06-28 Dariusz Mikulskifix compilation on Ubuntu
2010-06-28 Alban CrequyAdd an hildon confirmation note "Do you want to play...
2010-06-28 Alban CrequyMiniature accepts only tube with a contact (TargetHandl...
2010-06-28 Alban CrequyUse the Approver to accept incoming tube channels
2010-06-28 Alban CrequyDo not start the main window when started with --no-ui
2010-06-28 Alban CrequyLet Miniature also be a static Telepathy handler and...
2010-06-28 Alban CrequyMiniature still handles its tube channel
2010-06-25 Dariusz MikulskiAdd dialog box for choosing pieces color
2010-06-24 Dariusz MikulskiFix creating channel, fix disconnecting signal
2010-06-21 Dariusz MikulskiDisable chat session
2010-06-21 Dariusz MikulskiMove send/receiv signals and slots from tptubeclient...
2010-06-17 Dariusz Mikulskifix dashboard, fix pices color setup
2010-06-17 Dariusz Mikulskifix dashboard creation
2010-06-17 Dariusz MikulskiAdd debug messages, fix tubes signals, add packets...
2010-05-25 Dariusz MikulskiImplementing packets structure
2010-05-25 Dariusz MikulskiWaiting for incoming connection widget
2010-05-21 Dariusz MikulskiAdd testing packets
2010-05-21 Dariusz MikulskiAdd connected signal
2010-05-21 Dariusz MikulskiMove game config to own files, change game initializati...
2010-05-21 Dariusz MikulskiFix includes for maemo platform
2010-05-21 Dariusz MikulskiMissing files
2010-05-21 Dariusz MikulskiMove MMainWindow and dbusappactivator to own files
2010-05-21 malcolmFix segfault
2010-05-21 Dariusz MikulskiFix portability
2010-05-17 Dariusz MikulskiAdd disconnection signal, fix casting, remove debug...
2010-05-11 Michael HasselmannAdd more (inactive) game modes to start screen
2010-05-11 Michael HasselmannCleanup header includes
2010-05-10 Michael HasselmannTP code cleanup
2010-04-19 Mateu BatleFixed creation of channel
2010-04-19 Dariusz MikulskiAdd server and client files
2010-04-19 Mateu BatleAdded initial code for text chat with telepathy framewo...
2010-04-19 Dariusz MikulskiAdd incoming tube
2010-04-19 Dariusz MikulskiAdd test implementation for outgoing tubes, some change...
2010-04-19 Dariusz MikulskiFix portability
2010-04-19 Dariusz MikulskiRemove unnessesary includes
2010-04-19 Dariusz Mikulskiadd ifdef maemo5
2010-04-19 Dariusz MikulskiFix portability
2010-04-19 Dariusz MikulskiAdd client handler for incoming and outgoing tubes
2010-04-19 Dariusz MikulskiAdd client handler for incoming and outgoing tubes
2010-04-19 Michael HasselmannInclude TelepathyQt4 via pkg-config
2010-04-19 Dariusz MikulskiAdd tubes client handler
2010-04-19 Dariusz MikulskiCreate stream tube channel for specified account
2010-04-19 Dariusz MikulskiSeparate logic and ui
2010-04-19 Dariusz MikulskiAdd files to makefile
2010-04-19 Dariusz MikulskiSetup new p2p game, host game, join game, adding tpgame...
2010-04-19 Dariusz MikulskiChoosing account, connection and showing contacts for...
2010-04-19 Dariusz MikulskiGet connection manager
2010-04-19 Dariusz MikulskiAdd buttons for account dialog
2010-04-19 Dariusz MikulskiShow account names on list
2010-04-19 Dariusz MikulskiAdd list model
2010-04-19 Dariusz MikulskiAccount selection
2010-04-19 Dariusz MikulskiAdd account selection dialog
2010-04-19 Dariusz MikulskiAdd account item