2009-12-21 Mathias HasselmannPrepare 0.1.5 fremantle/0.1.5-1
2009-12-21 Michael HasselmannReplaced the QGraphicsDropShadowEffect (slow) with...
2009-12-21 Michael HasselmannAdded drop shadow during piece rotation (slows down...
2009-12-21 Michael HasselmannEnable OpenGL rendering for debian packaging
2009-12-21 Michael HasselmannAdded a configure option to enable OpenGL rendering
2009-12-21 Michael HasselmannAdded a ghost image for each piece as cancel indicator
2009-12-21 Michael HasselmannAdded AA rendering hints for the QGV
2009-12-21 Mathias HasselmannPrepare 0.1.4 fremantle/0.1.4-1
2009-12-20 Michael HasselmannEnable rotation on turn signals
2009-12-20 Michael HasselmannAdded rotation API to pieces
2009-12-20 Michael HasselmannAdd rotation API for action areas
2009-12-20 Michael HasselmannActivated OpenGL rendering for the QGV
2009-12-20 Michael HasselmannAdded OpenGL dependency
2009-12-19 Michael HasselmannDeselect piece when cancelling a move
2009-12-19 Michael HasselmannImplemented rotation for the action area's proxy widget
2009-12-19 Michael HasselmannSet QGV's background colour explicitly, even for Maemo5
2009-12-19 Michael HasselmannMoved the MPiece rotation code into the pieces themselv...
2009-12-18 Quim GilShortened "About" dialog
2009-12-18 Michael HasselmannAdded some rotational fun, using Qt's animation framework
2009-12-18 Michael HasselmannLet the main window decide about its height (non-maemo5)
2009-12-18 Michael HasselmannMade the QGV's background transparent
2009-12-18 Michael HasselmannAdded version number to "About" dialog
2009-12-18 Michael HasselmannStyle fix for push buttons in action areas
2009-12-18 Michael HasselmannAdded auto promotion of pawns again
2009-12-18 Mathias HasselmannPrepare 0.1.3 release fremantle/0.1.3-1
2009-12-16 Michael HasselmannFixed a return-by-value bug while trying to iterate...
2009-12-16 Michael HasselmannAdded cleanup code when navigating between positions
2009-12-16 Michael HasselmannRemoved "rotate black pieces" action
2009-12-15 Michael HasselmannRevert "Disabled hiding of pieces before each update...
2009-12-15 Michael HasselmannDisabled hiding of pieces before each update, as it...
2009-12-15 Michael HasselmannUpdated debian changelog stub in preparation for next...
2009-12-15 Michael HasselmannHide all pieces in scene when jumping between positions
2009-12-15 Michael HasselmannImplemented visual check hint
2009-12-15 Michael HasselmannFixed compiler warnings in MPosition
2009-12-15 Michael HasselmannReplaced MSharedPiece with raw pointers in MLogicAnalyzer
2009-12-15 Michael HasselmannReplaced MSharedPiece with raw pointers in MGame
2009-12-15 Michael HasselmannRemoved shared pointers from MPosition
2009-12-15 Michael HasselmannImproved piece selection and move performance
2009-12-14 Michael HasselmannExperimental feature: let MPosition update the scene...
2009-12-13 Michael HasselmannDisable spurious signals and fix compiler warnings
2009-12-13 dennischeck working now
2009-12-13 dennisprepared MLogicAnalyzer for check
2009-12-13 denniscontinued castling, but still not working correctly...
2009-12-13 dennisprepared for castling, didn't quite finish, ran out...
2009-12-09 Michael HasselmannImplemented undo
2009-12-08 Michael HasselmannUpdated class diagram
2009-12-08 Michael HasselmannFixed game navigation
2009-12-08 Michael HasselmannTrying other colors for piece-selected state
2009-12-08 Michael HasselmannCode cut: removed MPlayerInfo
2009-12-08 Michael HasselmannCode cut: freed MMainWindow and MGame from uneccessary...
2009-12-08 Michael HasselmannThrow out fading frame, styling has to be done on the...
2009-12-08 Michael HasselmannPiece selection refinements
2009-12-08 Michael HasselmannLet MActionArea emit correct button pressed signals...
2009-12-08 Michael HasselmannAdded more signal propagation from the internal MGraphi...
2009-12-08 Michael HasselmannUpdated gradients for buttons
2009-12-08 Michael HasselmannMoved control over action areas into MGame
2009-12-08 Michael HasselmannChanged button height from 70px to 64px, so that it...
2009-12-08 Michael HasselmannDeactivated auto-deselect and fade-out for frame
2009-12-08 Michael HasselmannAdded buttons for player's action areas, using widget...
2009-12-08 Michael HasselmannAdded a black overlay mask for half-filled buttons...
2009-12-08 Michael HasselmannFixed wrong interface dependency in MGraphicsBoardItem...
2009-12-08 Michael HasselmannHide UI elements that are currently not needed
2009-12-08 Michael HasselmannRemoved button navigation, added space for action areas
2009-12-08 Michael HasselmannAdded a class that handles the state transition of...
2009-12-05 Michael HasselmannAdded buttons for game navigation
2009-12-03 Michael HasselmannImplemented game nagivation via move list
2009-12-02 Michael HasselmannCreated a stub for the next release in the debian changelog maebar
2009-12-02 Michael HasselmannMoved piece rotation handling into MGame, allowing...
2009-12-02 Michael HasselmannAdded a MBoardView ref to MGame to allow better control...
2009-12-02 Michael HasselmannRe-added next/prev move, does not work correctly
2009-12-02 Michael HasselmannCleaned up UI, underline active player
2009-12-02 Michael HasselmannLet MGame store a history of the current chess game
2009-12-02 Michael HasselmannReplaced raw pointers in MPosition with QSharedPointers
2009-12-01 Michael HasselmannAdded chess move notation, fixed memory leaks
2009-12-01 Michael HasselmannAdded a getLetter method for each piece, for chess...
2009-11-30 Michael HasselmannAdded store/restore API to MPosition
2009-11-30 Michael HasselmannLet Miniature start with the start position
2009-11-29 Michael HasselmannMoved player info below board
2009-11-29 Michael HasselmannAdded rotation of black pieces, for offline human vs...
2009-11-29 Michael HasselmannAdded about dialog
2009-11-29 Michael HasselmannIntegrated the move list view and enabled switching...
2009-11-29 Michael HasselmannAdded move list view and show moves/show board buttons
2009-11-29 Michael HasselmannAdded stacked windows
2009-11-28 Michael HasselmannFixed bug #1
2009-11-28 Michael HasselmannFixed a race condition
2009-11-28 Michael HasselmannFixed unused variable
2009-11-27 Mathias HasselmannUpdate build dependencies fremantle/0.1.2-1
2009-11-27 Mathias HasselmannBump version numbers
2009-11-27 Michael HasselmannDisable Qt Designer's auto connect feature
2009-11-27 Michael HasselmannFixed app termination on N900
2009-11-26 Michael HasselmannKill QWebPage instance once it rendered the board backg...
2009-11-26 Michael HasselmannUpdated debian changelog
2009-11-26 Michael HasselmannDisabled stdout debugging output
2009-11-26 Michael HasselmannAdded clean newGame reset
2009-11-26 Michael HasselmannAdded a hackish way to show which side has to move...
2009-11-26 Michael HasselmannImplemented alternating move order
2009-11-26 Michael HasselmannAdded auto-promotion to queens for pawns
2009-11-26 dennisfix for the last commit
2009-11-26 dennisadded a flag that tracks the colour to move
2009-11-25 dennisand kore said: let the kings move!