2011-08-23 Michael HasselmannChange Miniature app icon to fit Nokia guidelines for N9 0.3.0
2011-08-23 Michael HasselmannSimplify command dispatching
2011-08-23 Michael HasselmannNew: Miniature icon for Nokia N9
2011-08-23 Quim GilBringing back the "Testing: OnlineBoard" button.
2011-08-23 Quim GilAdding nice background to spice up MainPage minimalisti...
2011-08-23 Quim GilMoving from QML import com.meego to
2011-08-23 Michael HasselmannParse game updates from FICS
2011-08-23 Michael HasselmannLet Game instance store current position
2011-08-23 Michael HasselmannLet Square be a part of Piece and simplify Position...
2011-08-23 Michael HasselmannExtend Game::Command::Move data
2011-08-23 Michael HasselmannExtend Game::Position data
2011-08-23 Michael HasselmannImplement a simple position structure
2011-08-23 Michael HasselmannFix tests
2011-08-23 Michael HasselmannRemove testcase binary
2011-08-22 Quim GilMainPage back to minimal style.
2011-08-22 Quim GilNice FICS login page.
2011-08-22 Quim GilSyncing locally
2011-08-22 Quim GilSmoother chat transition when expanding.
2011-08-22 Michael HasselmannImplement create-game command
2011-08-21 Michael HasselmannMoved relevant behaviour from Game::Frontend to Game...
2011-08-21 Michael HasselmannMove Game::Registry::registerGameWithFrontend into...
2011-08-21 Michael HasselmannNew: CreateGame command
2011-08-21 Michael HasselmannAdd game log for test match
2011-08-21 Michael HasselmannDisable play game feature for now
2011-08-21 Michael HasselmannReplace highlighted state handling in QML UI with prope...
2011-08-21 Michael HasselmannFix coding style
2011-08-21 Quim GilChat area expands when tapped.
2011-08-20 Quim GilIncrements implemented
2011-08-20 Quim GilFIXED now timer starts after th first 2 moves.
2011-08-19 Quim GilIncrements calculated in timer.
2011-08-19 Quim GilTimer runs for the side playing.
2011-08-19 Quim GilTimers are in place
2011-08-18 Quim GilLost connection dialog.
2011-08-18 Quim GilRemaining indirect dialogs.
2011-08-18 Quim GilMenu & dialogs to end a game.
2011-08-17 Quim GilSelect buttons in the header are now active.
2011-08-17 Quim GilFirst implementation of new seek button & dialog
2011-08-17 Quim GilSelecting seek game updated.
2011-08-17 Quim GilAdding 'highlight' property to backend
2011-08-17 Quim GilAdded a counter next to each seek game to improve usabi...
2011-08-17 Quim GilNew way of confirming a seek game.
2011-08-17 Michael HasselmannFun with orphaned overrides, again
2011-08-16 Michael HasselmannFix preferred color in game seeks
2011-08-16 Michael HasselmannPosition seek list at end
2011-08-16 Michael HasselmannFix missing rating in game ads
2011-08-16 Quim GilFIXED 1rst item of the list doesn't overlap with shadow...
2011-08-16 Michael HasselmannEnable tests again
2011-08-16 Michael HasselmannFix TestLocalParser tests
2011-08-16 Michael HasselmannFix TestGnuChess tests
2011-08-16 Michael HasselmannFix TestGame tests
2011-08-16 Michael HasselmannGet rid of old commandFound architecture
2011-08-16 Michael HasselmannStart to use Game::Dispatcher for command line, too
2011-08-16 Michael HasselmannTemporarily disable tests
2011-08-16 Michael HasselmannCleanup variable names in Game::Frontend
2011-08-16 Michael HasselmannPartial implementation of play command in the FICS...
2011-08-16 Michael HasselmannRename Game::RecordCommand to Game::Command::Record
2011-08-16 Michael HasselmannRename Game::LogoutCommand to Game::Command::Logout
2011-08-16 Michael HasselmannRename Game::LoginCommand to Game::Command::Login
2011-08-16 Michael HasselmannRename Game::AdvertisementCommand to Game::Command...
2011-08-16 Michael HasselmannRename Game::Command enum to ParserCommand
2011-08-16 Michael HasselmannNew: Allow frontend to respond to a game advertisement
2011-08-15 Quim GilList of available games looks more decent now - still...
2011-08-15 Quim GilFIXED glitches when flicking + same shadow effect as...
2011-08-15 Quim GilMinor layout improvements
2011-08-15 Quim Giltestdef's OnlineBoard integrated
2011-08-13 Michael HasselmannNew: Instructions for using Miniature within the Qt SDK
2011-08-13 Michael HasselmannAdd a sinistre hack for MADDE
2011-08-13 Michael HasselmannAdd Debian packaging as a git submodule
2011-08-13 Michael HasselmannRemove Debian packaging from this repo
2011-08-13 Michael HasselmannFix cleanup step in Debian packaging
2011-08-13 Michael HasselmannFix seek usage in QML
2011-08-01 Michael HasselmannUpdate QML UI
2011-08-01 Michael HasselmannMerge branch 'encore' into master
2011-08-01 Michael HasselmannGet rid of old Miniature code
2011-08-01 Michael HasselmannBump version number to 0.2.1 encore 0.2.1
2011-08-01 Michael HasselmannDon't request list of games after login
2011-08-01 Michael HasselmannMake FICS login accessible for QML
2011-08-01 Michael HasselmannRemove too strict Qt dependency from Debian control
2011-08-01 Michael HasselmannMake use of gameAdvertisements model in QML frontend
2011-08-01 Michael HasselmannWrap Game::Seek into QML-friendly QAbstractItemModel
2011-08-01 Michael HasselmannImplement forwarding of game advertisements to frontend
2011-08-01 Michael HasselmannNew: Implement seek parsing in FICS backend
2011-08-01 Michael HasselmannMove FICS classes into dedicated namespace
2011-08-01 Michael HasselmannFix Harmattan packaging
2011-07-31 Michael HasselmannNew: QML-based frontend for Miniature
2011-07-31 Michael HasselmannNew: Miniature packaging
2011-07-31 Michael HasselmannAllow to inject FicsBackend into Dispatcher
2011-07-31 Michael HasselmannNew: Game::RecordCommand to send game records to frontend
2011-07-30 Michael HasselmannReimplement quit command and also provide LogoutCommand...
2011-07-30 Michael HasselmannMove communication between components from GameManager...
2011-07-29 Michael HasselmannNew: Game::Frontend skeleton to hook up QML-based UI
2011-07-29 Michael HasselmannRenamed Game::AbstractLink to Game::AbstractBackend
2011-07-28 Michael HasselmannRemove Game::AbstractParser
2011-07-28 Michael HasselmannStart to unify backends
2011-07-28 Michael HasselmannMerge Game::AbstractTokenizer into Game::LineReader
2011-07-27 Michael HasselmannLet GameManager use new command dispatcher for FICS...
2011-07-27 Michael HasselmannNew: Game::Dispatcher
2011-07-27 Michael HasselmannNew: Game::LoginCommand
2011-07-27 Michael HasselmannExtract Game::AbstractLink interface from FICS implemen...
2011-07-27 Michael HasselmannNew: FICS session log