2010-04-05 Michael HasselmannFix conflicts p2p-telepathy
2010-04-05 Michael HasselmannStart using QGraphicsAnchorLayouts to manage the graphi...
2010-04-05 Michael HasselmannRemove libqt4-maemo5 depedencies for Qt (PR 1.2)
2010-04-05 Michael HasselmannSplit up game log into GAME and FEN, for easier game...
2010-04-05 Michael HasselmannAdd FEN position pasting, for easier debugging
2010-04-05 Michael HasselmannRemoved xDim/yDim from MPiece and added a MPosition...
2010-04-05 Michael HasselmannAdd support to create a MPosition from a FEN string...
2010-04-04 Michael HasselmannMoved MDashboardButton into separate files
2010-04-04 Michael HasselmannChanged MDashboard and friends to use new icons
2010-04-04 Michael HasselmannAdded new icons for dashboard actions and updated licen...
2010-03-31 Michael HasselmannFixed FEN log entries
2010-03-31 Michael HasselmannRename log levels into log domains
2010-03-26 Mateu BatleFixed creation of channel
2010-03-26 Dariusz MikulskiFix conflicts
2010-03-26 Dariusz MikulskiAdd server and client files
2010-03-26 Mateu BatleAdded initial code for text chat with telepathy framewo...
2010-03-16 Dariusz MikulskiAdd incoming tube
2010-03-05 Dariusz MikulskiAdd test implementation for outgoing tubes, some change...
2010-03-04 Dariusz MikulskiFix portability
2010-03-04 Dariusz MikulskiRemove unnessesary includes
2010-03-04 Dariusz Mikulskiadd ifdef maemo5
2010-03-04 Dariusz MikulskiFix portability
2010-03-04 Dariusz MikulskiMerge branch 'p2p-telepathy' of
2010-03-04 Dariusz Mikulskimerge with master
2010-03-04 Dariusz MikulskiAdd client handler for incoming and outgoing tubes
2010-03-04 Dariusz MikulskiAdd client handler for incoming and outgoing tubes
2010-03-02 Michael HasselmannAdded half move to position logging fremantle/0.1.7-1
2010-03-02 Michael HasselmannInsert newline between log messages
2010-03-02 Michael HasselmannAllow the game log to be shown during a game
2010-03-02 Michael HasselmannPrevent MPreGame from calling MMainWindow's action...
2010-03-02 Michael HasselmannQuick and dirty FEN conversion for MPosition
2010-02-25 Michael HasselmannInclude TelepathyQt4 via pkg-config
2010-02-25 Michael HasselmannIncluded new game log, at least for start screen
2010-02-25 Michael HasselmannAdded a nice game log
2010-02-25 Dariusz MikulskiAdd tubes client handler
2010-02-23 Dariusz MikulskiCreate stream tube channel for specified account
2010-02-23 Dariusz MikulskiMerge with master
2010-02-22 Michael HasselmannRemove version requirement
2010-02-22 Michael HasselmannUse setEnabled() instead of hide() for breaking signal...
2010-02-22 Michael HasselmannAdapt to the new window rotation attributes
2010-02-19 Dariusz MikulskiSeparate logic and ui
2010-02-18 Dariusz MikulskiAdd files to makefile
2010-02-18 Dariusz MikulskiSetup new p2p game, host game, join game, adding tpgame...
2010-02-12 Dariusz MikulskiChoosing account, connection and showing contacts for...
2010-02-09 Michael HasselmannUpdated debian changelog
2010-02-09 Michael HasselmannPrevent P2P mode from even showing the board
2010-02-05 Dariusz MikulskiGet connection manager
2010-02-05 Dariusz MikulskiFix conflicts
2010-02-05 Dariusz MikulskiFix
2010-02-05 Dariusz MikulskiMerge with master
2010-02-05 Dariusz MikulskiAdd buttons for account dialog
2010-02-04 Michael HasselmannAdded debian changelog stub for upcoming release
2010-02-04 Michael HasselmannMerge branch 'dashboard'
2010-02-04 Michael HasselmannAdded end-game UI and a "game menu" that can always...
2010-02-04 Michael HasselmannAdapt MBoardView to the fullscreen mode of local games
2010-02-04 Michael HasselmannFixed racy top-level window creation
2010-02-03 Michael HasselmannFix broken master: remove blur hint
2010-02-03 Michael HasselmannAdded blur effect hint for cancellation of dialogs
2010-02-02 Michael HasselmannFixed an event/signal emission race
2010-02-02 Michael HasselmannConnected new dashboard actions
2010-02-02 Michael HasselmannActivated adjourn and resign buttons
2010-02-02 Dariusz MikulskiShow account names on list
2010-02-02 Dariusz MikulskiAdd missing file
2010-02-02 Dariusz MikulskiAdd list model
2010-02-02 Michael HasselmannAdded draw-a-game negotiation
2010-02-02 Michael HasselmannAdded dialogs for offer/accept draw protocol
2010-02-02 Michael HasselmannMoved MIconicButton into separate file
2010-02-02 Michael HasselmannRemoved Miniature UI file, since there is no real QGV...
2010-01-29 Dariusz MikulskiAccount selection
2010-01-29 Michael HasselmannFixed fullscreen activation
2010-01-29 Michael HasselmannFixed a signal connection
2010-01-29 Michael HasselmannAdapt to new MPreGame controller
2010-01-29 Michael HasselmannAdapt Maemo5-specific MMainWindow to new MPreGame contr...
2010-01-29 Michael HasselmannAdded a pre-game controller that handles the start...
2010-01-27 Dariusz MikulskiAdd account selection dialog
2010-01-26 Michael HasselmannFixed about dialog, but links won't work (b.m.o #8557)
2010-01-26 Michael HasselmannUpdate player status again
2010-01-26 Michael HasselmannAdded a status label and mockup for last moves
2010-01-26 Michael HasselmannMoved the about dialog into code. Not worth to keep...
2010-01-26 Michael HasselmannKilled the rotation animation, as most people found...
2010-01-25 Michael HasselmannFixed scrollable viewport issues when scene started...
2010-01-25 Michael HasselmannAdded a "modal" stop resolution menu
2010-01-25 Michael HasselmannAdapt to new MScene
2010-01-25 Michael HasselmannAdded a QGraphicsScene specialisation for "modal" graph...
2010-01-25 Michael HasselmannAdd flashing of dashboard buttons for invalid moves
2010-01-25 Dariusz MikulskiFix conflicts
2010-01-25 Dariusz MikulskiAdd account item
2010-01-25 Michael HasselmannFixed header includes
2010-01-25 Michael HasselmannFixed state transition bugs w.r.t. valid moves and...
2010-01-25 Michael HasselmannAdded a check for undo requests predicate
2010-01-25 Michael HasselmannAdded a fullscreen button and test entries for the...
2010-01-25 Michael HasselmannAdded Maemo 5 dependency to Qt libs
2010-01-24 Michael HasselmannRemoved an (unsupported?) Maemo5 widget and fixed menu...
2010-01-23 Michael HasselmannFixed Makefile for the TP account manager, changes...
2010-01-22 Dariusz MikulskiFix conflicts one more time
2010-01-22 Dariusz MikulskiFix conflicts
2010-01-22 Dariusz MikulskiAdd missing files
2010-01-22 Dariusz MikulskiAdd missing files
2010-01-22 Dariusz MikulskiAdd telepathy support to makefile
2010-01-22 Dariusz MikulskiMenu item for p2p connection